Final Auburn-Georgia thoughts

So, Bill Connelly’s latest advanced stat team profiles are out.  Talk about your turnaround:

It’s eerie how much of a mirror image the two games, played a mere three weeks apart, were.  Other than the dam breaking a little earlier on the Plains due to the Hardman dropped punt, everything else went down in almost the same way, except for the uniforms.

This would make for a great question for somebody like Bill:  how often do same-season rematches between ranked opponents play out like that?


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23 responses to “Final Auburn-Georgia thoughts

  1. Granthams replacement

    It looked like Auburn had the dead legs last Saturday vs Georgia in November. Kirby’s decision to back off st practice was a wise one. On a personal note, whipping auburn Saturday makes living in Newnan a whole lot better.


  2. That game was what #KeepChopping is all about. We kept playing hard, and eventually the axe felled the tree. Swift’s touchdown drove the stake through their hearts. He was never touched. Once those legs get moving, you aren’t going to run him down.


    • gastr1

      We had them before that, though. They really gave in after Johnson’s fumble. After the Godwin td pass, I did a double-take at the scoreboard still reading 10 minutes to go. I don’t know why they tanked at that point, clearly still in the game…maybe they were just emotionally and physically done, who knows.


      • That’s true. Godwin scored, we got a 3 and out, and then Swift ripped off the long run.

        It seemed the 2-point play changed the complexion of the game. The 3 and out changed field position. The #7 ripped their hearts out.


        • AthensHomerDawg

          There is something about whipping Auburn to win the SEC that just makes my day!

          “Auburn trying to break our hearts here!……Again you guys, hunker down!….Eight-four seconds. I hate to keep saying it, but HUNKER DOWN!….A minute and four seconds. Sixty-four seconds. Sixty-four seconds to everything!….If you didn’t hear me you guys, HUNKER DOWN!….It’s fourth down….Ball on the 21 and they’ve got to go to the four for a first down. I know I’m asking a lot you guys, but HUNKER IT DOWN ONE MORE TIME!…..(A Pass by Auburn is broken up in the end zone)….The Dogs broke it up!…..Twenty-three, twenty-two, twenty-one. Clock running, running. Oh, look at the sugar falling out of the sky! Look at the sugar falling out of the sky!”
          — Nov. 13, 1982 vs. Auburn, Georgia wins third straight SEC title

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      • tbia

        They realized, and it is not just Saturday, but many other games, that when a defense figures Gus out, he is done. Against Georgia as head coach he has 3 games where he scored on the first possession and never scored again, and another where it was possession number 2.

        We joke about Tech with a high school offense, but it is really Auburn. Once you get past the window dressing and eye candy it is nothing. His route combinations in the 4th when they had to pass were comical.


    • The Dawg abides

      Still can’t figure out what number 20 was doing on that play. He took two bad angles, then looked like he was running in sand after Swift blew by him.


  3. Tim B

    Everyone who said that the teams were evenly matched proved to be correct.


  4. dawgfan

    There’s not a stat that shows how emotionally and physically spent Auburn was going into the game. Even if we don’t get that first fumble, the way we dominated the rest of the game, we still win. Auburn only had one quarter of football in them Saturday.

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    • And let’s don’t discount that The Barn lost at least three starters (including K.Johnson) thru the course of the game. Dawgs were beating the stuffing outta them.


      • dawgfan

        Yep. At the risk of sounding like Tony Barnhart, this might be the most physical Georgia team since the early 80s. They play tough defense and run the damn ball.


  5. dawgman3000

    I think location played a big part in AU’s play. In game 1 against us and the following week against Bama, they fed off of their crowd. The Barner’s didn’t quite have that luxury Saturday as the Benz became the GEORGIA dome redux.


  6. Saltwater Dawg

    I went a little further into the game last night in my play analysis, and it only confirmed what I found from the first 3 quarters. IMHO, outside of composure and physicality, this was the deciding factor in the SECCG:

    First round against Auburn, every time we ran nickel (over 70% of the time against them), we ran our base nickel package, which is to pull an outside LB. They were very successful against this, running jets and quick passes to the side of the field where we vacated the OLB.

    In the SECCG, CMT dialed up a nickel package where we pulled the DT, and left in both DE and both OLB, and it was the difference maker. We still ran our base nickel often, but the new set was the drive killer. It was used on a 3rd down on every drive through the early 4th quarter. I never saw this set during the first game.

    This is when we ran this set, and results:

    1st drive on a 3rd down, pressure forced an incomplete pass, but BS interference was called.

    1st drive on 3rd and goal, they did get the TD on the quick slant where Aaron Davis gave up his leverage at the snap.

    2nd drive on 3rd down, they did get a 7 yd completion to the flat for a 2st down.

    3rd drive on 3rd down, we forced the Stidham fumble.

    4th drive on 3rd down, pressure forced incomplete and punt.

    5th drive on 3rd down, R gets sack and forced punt.

    6th drive on 3rd down, pressure and coverage forced Stidham into scramble for 1 yd, forced punt.

    7th drive (first of 4th quarter), pressure forced Stidham to scramble and throw incomplete pass, forced punt.

    8th drive (after Swift TD), and this is the best, we ran the set all 3 plays.
    – 1st down and pressure forced incomplete
    – 2nd down and pressure led to batted pass
    – 3rd down Stidham had time in the pocket, but DB had good coverage and batted ball down.

    Game over.

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    • Macallanlover

      Seems like we may need a similar adjustment for OU. Baker is a tough out even under pressure, but we cannot let them have time against our DBs with his ability to hit deep throws. Unlike Stidham, he doesn’t panic when forced to get outside the pocket and still is able to beat you with his legs. Toughest challenge this defense has faced.


      • Saltwater Dawg

        I am really looking forward to the matchup. From their earlier games, OK will use a lot of shotgun 01 / 4 WR sets, which will put us in our nickel package. I imagine we will see more of this same -tackle set. Most of the time we ran it, we put the two DE in 2i/3i and sent both MLB at the center.

        We will definitely need the pressure. Missouri was the best team we’ve faced so far at going over the top, and they were successful. OK is much better than Missouri at this. I believe it was JR Reed that got torched twice by Missouri. I know he is a tackling machine, but we’ll probably need another corner in against OK.


  7. SlobberKnocker

    I think the impact of turnovers was a HUGE factor in the change in results. Yes, we had only one TO in the first game but, it was a huge one. The muffed punt and resulting score early in the 3rd was an absolute dagger. And while not technically turnovers, we had two penalties on punts that returned possession to AU. AU had none in the first game.

    In the second game, we had zero while they had three. The first sack/strip took at least 3 points off the board for them. The second, blocked kick, took another 3 points off. If AU scores on either of these, they either take the lead or tie at the point in the game when they occurred. And finally, the Johnson fumble (and Zo was soooo being held when he reached out to strip) resulted in a quick touchdown. At the time of this turnover, it was still a 6 point game.

    All were huge changes in the flow and result of the game.


  8. AusDawg85

    I’m telling ya…Kirby tanked the first game. Meant ZERO to our season. We played vanilla and didn’t want to risk anything against an Auburn team that was playing all out. He saw the mistakes and knew they were correctable. Let the kids get the undisciplined emotion out of them so they could get back to being focused. I swear it’s true, brilliant, and can’t understand how he’s not Coach of the Year already.

    That Kirby…he’s a sly one.


  9. Dawgs by 3 in 4 OT in a 3rd matchup.


  10. 1smartdude

    My final, after rewatching the game, is why 14 for Auburn was not ejected for throwing punches. It happens with a little over 5mins left in the game. He threw several and the ref seen him and pulled him back. I missed it live, at that time my cheeks were covering my eyes from the smile on my face. I know it’s trivial, but his ass should be sitting in the Benz. There should have at least been a flag for crying out loud. On top of that, I hate Auburn.