Gonna have a good time.

Enjoy 45 seconds of Jim Chaney celebrating with the troops.

In the end, he earned it.


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14 responses to “Gonna have a good time.

  1. I’ve given Chaney a lot of grief here especially in year 1. He has done a good job with this offense this year.


  2. J-Dawg

    He proved that you “can” teach an old dog new tricks. He should get the Asst. coach of the year award. Glad he’s on our side. Can’t wait to see the game plan for OU.


  3. Borodawg

    My favorite is Isaiah dancing behind the interview of Sony.


  4. TnDawg

    Godwin’s reaction shows what this means to the team. Just great!


  5. A lot of people here owe Chaney an apology.


    • dawgman3000

      I’m one of those people. I’m sorry Jim and I love you big guy.


    • merk

      Nope, they will say Chaney sucked and just lucked out the players wanted to actually play this time.

      Seriously though, Chaney has been solid this year. Even in our lowest scoring games Chaney had 1-2 TDs called each time that were just straight dropped by the WR. Yeah, he is not the greatest OC, but he is also nowhere near as bad as everyone wanted to think.


  6. Sweet D

    Arc Angels?


  7. Macallanlover

    My comments in the predictions review post are what I feel. Saturday was brilliant for both Tucker and Chaney’s scheme….but can we wait 3 weeks to have that Plan B available? I get that you can do a better analysis with 20 days to bring it all together, but surely Chaney had the toss sweep as an option, as well as other plays Jake could be trusted with. Happy with what we have accomplished, just want us to let our horses run more often than we have. We have a lot of speed and talent on this roster, got to take the harness off.


  8. Dawg in Lutz

    did they have Swift, Chubb, and Michel in the game at the same time? i really liked seeing that as the defense had 3 studs to worry about.


    • They also had Chubb, Swift and Herrien in on that Herrien run. We lined up and ran it like a flexbone play but without the option. The formation, motion and blocking were very similar, though.

      Chaney really did come with a good plan. A plan that developed as the game went on. We really started running some super tight sets where even the receivers weren’t wider than the hashes. I know our OL has improved but Chaney, Pittman and company really used our TEs and WRs as blockers in ways you don’t often see. Also, in ways that were hard to predict run or pass. I’m sure guys like Nauta were frustrated with production but it was for the team. Chaney didn’t just decide he wasn’t gonna throw to TEs.


  9. As hard as I’ve been on him he deserves equal praise. Well done! It’s great to know he doesn’t take “impose our will” literally every single play. I was afraid that wasn’t the case.

    We even started the game trying to do it like we did last time but we got away from that. We stopped the 7 step drops. We threw short passes. We used targets not named Wimms. We actually passed to set up the run. We called the game like we had nothing to lose. We called the game like we knew we couldn’t do it like we did last time. Chaney clearly studied film of the last meeting and has the ability to game plan around it.


  10. DawgFlan

    I have always suggested/suspected that, especially last year, Chaney was following Smart’s orders moreso than choosing to be so basic on his own. I’d seen enough of his O at Pitt and Tenn to know he likes motion, misdirection, and slinging it around. Shifting to this year, he had to adjust on the fly to bringing along a Freshman QB that they hadn’t expected to start. I did express frustration that it took a loss to open up parts of playbook, but Chaney and the coaches know better than internet commenters what the team can handle and when, and we ended up SEC Champs and in the CFP. So, kudos to Chaney for everything that he has done, and also kudos to Smart for letting him do it. I think we will need to get to 40+ to beat OU and after Saturday I am confident we can get those points through air or ground.