Today, in around the SEC

The coaching chairs continue to swirl, among other developments:

  • UCF has hired Mizzou’s Josh Heupel as its next coach.  As someone who was impressed with the job Heupel did this season, that’s a pretty good hire in my mind and it will be interesting to see which way Missouri goes in trying to keep the conference’s top offense going.  UCF also tabbed Randy Shannon as the new DC.
  • South Carolina is expected to dump Kurt Roper as its offensive coordinator, per Dan Wolken.  Kind of surprising in that Boom used to be Roper’s biggest fan.  Is Brian McClendon about to get a bump, or could Muschamp do something crazier, like bring in Hugh Freeze?
  • It sounds like Phil Fulmer has accepted reality and recognized that the situation in Knoxville is too toxic for an established coach.  The search appears to have focused on Saban assistants — how creative! — Kevin Steele and Tee Martin.  Good luck with that, Vols.
  • Meanwhile, after being rebuffed by Gus Malzahn, Arkansas looks to be staying sane by going after Chad Morris, who is an excellent offensive mind, has head coaching experience and, perhaps most significantly, good ties to Texas recruiting.
  • Ole Miss doesn’t need a head coach, but may very well need bodies after the school announced that it will allow its players to speak to any other program they want in considering a transfer.  Jim Harbaugh appears eager to take Ole Miss up on its generous offer.  (I can’t wait to hear Jim Delany talk about SEC players again.)


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7 responses to “Today, in around the SEC

  1. sniffer

    Butts Mehre allow McGarity to open the checkbook and pay the assistants? I say he half asses it and pisses everybody off.


    • I don’t think Kirby will allow that. 😉

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      • Macallanlover

        Would hope they have already told them about the love coming their way after the 1st of the year. Hate to wait until they are offered before we let them know we appreciate them, and want to keep (most) all of them. Lot of folks looking for new position coaches to fill their staffs.


  2. ugafidelis

    Going after Satan assistants…


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    “…the situation in Knoxville is too toxic for an established coach.”

    I think fulmer wants somebody he can exercise maximum control over. Plus, he needs somebody who’s more desperate for the big bucks, and that generally leaves him with OC and DC assistants.

    I think ut is actually in a worse situation than mid-major teams. No established HC is gonna take the job (like a Mullen, Taggert or Fisher). Even cast-offs like Miles, Sumlin, McElwain, etc. probably wouldn’t touch it. Up-and-comers like Frost, Brohm, etc. aren’t interested. A lot of top assistants are probably gonna take a pass and wait for a better opportunity – at least that’s what I’m hoping when I see the names Tucker, Venables and Pruitt discussed.

    Hell, at this point is there anybody who HASN’T been considered? Somebody similar to Schiano in experience & background seems to be the most likely person they’ll end up getting. Perhaps Currie had already come to that conclusion.


  4. Mayor

    If Heupel is going to be the OC too, it looks like UCF has the makings of a damn good coaching staff for next year.