A player after my own heart

Give Kirby credit for telling this story with a sense of amusement.

Delivering the keynote address at Monday evening’s Bronko Nagurski Trophy ceremony in Charlotte, North Carolina, Smart offered a humorous anecdote on how composure and physicality applied to him personally in the SEC Championship.

On the game’s first drive, Georgia forced Auburn into a third-and-long situation. Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham dropped back to pass and threw an incompletion. However, an official called Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker for pass interference, giving the Tigers a first down.

Smat remembered being livid at the call.

“I’m going nuts,” Smart said. “I’m on the sideline ripping into an official, going nuts, chewing him out.”

That’s when an unnamed player came up to Smart on the sideline.

“Coach – composure, composure,” the player told Smart.

Smart admitted that after telling his players to keep their cool throughout the week, he lost his in that moment.

“If you know anything about me, I’m passionate about the game,” Smart said. “I’m pouring my heart out on the field, and I kind of lost my composure.”

On Georgia’s ensuing offensive drive, Smart felt the physicality of the game.

On the second play of the series, running back Sony Michel took a toss and fumbled the ball. Smart’s eyes widened as he followed the football rolling out of bounds. But as he was watching the ball, he saw left tackle Isaiah Wynn “road-grading” an Auburn safety.

All of a sudden, Smart felt a hard impact from the players involved on the play.

“The next thing I know is I catch a fist right on my nose,” Smart said. “I’m seeing stars, I go down. But the first thing I think about is physicality, physicality. If I don’t get up they’re going to kill me.”

Smart said a strength and conditioning coach – presumably Scott Sinclair, who also acts as his “get back guy” on the sideline – asked if he was OK. Smart said he was fine and brushed off the hit.

Then, that same player who reiterated Smart’s need for composure walked up with another message.

“Physicality, Coach,” the player told Smart, drawing laughs from the Nagurski Trophy crowd. “It’s going to be a physical game.”

I’m gonna have to go back and check the replay to see if I can figure out who the wiseass is, but, damn, that’s some well-placed snark.


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13 responses to “A player after my own heart

  1. Biggen

    I can see the player slinging and hitting Kirby but can’t see who it is. Around 9:16 game time in 1st quarter. Sinclair is there to help.


  2. bulldogbry

    Students becoming teachers. I love it.


  3. heyberto

    I love that Kirby has the kind of relationship with the players that they can walk up to him and say this. Tells me his ego isn’t an issue…. not that I thought it was. I don’t see that going well with a guy like Saban.

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  4. PDawg

    I’m guessing it was Meco


  5. hailtogeorgia

    Hot Rod is my guess


  6. Bill M

    I’m going Sony or Chubb.


  7. BCDawg97

    I think the CBSSports app does wide angle views of games. I know you can an choose it when you watch live but not sureness if they show it on replays.


  8. DugLite

    Looks like an Auburn player hit him in the nose. I can see the arm and a piece of blue jersey.


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    I think it was Trigga Trey. Either 26 or 28 in blue.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    Overall a great story, that player should get some kind of leadership award at the EOY banquet.

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  11. JakeScott

    It’s on the CBS Sports network at 7 PM
    They say Kirby knocked it out of the park ,must see TV