Anonymous coaches speak anonymously.

Pete Thamel talks to some folks who coached against the Rose Bowl participants this season to get some impressions.  I wouldn’t exactly say there’s anything earth-shattering included in the discussion, but I liked this bit about Georgia’s defense:

The biggest thing with Georgia, and the biggest difference since Kirby Smart took over there, is just how hard they play. That’s not a little thing, it’s a huge thing. And along with playing a lot harder, they are also playing a lot faster. That’s a hard combination. And they are playing a lot harder this year than last year. And much harder than the year before that, which means he has the whole culture of the program heading in the right direction.

“Defensively, they are talented but it seems as if the sum is better than their parts. They have good players and good speed, but they’re not all that big for an SEC team. But they’re very athletic and can run sideline-to-sideline.

“Everything starts defensively with Roquan Smith. He’s one of the best linebackers we saw in the SEC this year. He can really run and make plays. He looked fast on film, but when I saw him live I was still shocked at how fast he was. He was back-dooring some zone runs and counter plays, it was stunning. Up front, no one stands out, but they do a really nice job rotating six or seven guys up front.
Oh, and Baker Mayfield throws piss rockets.  Sounds messy.


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22 responses to “Anonymous coaches speak anonymously.

  1. watcher16

    Wow, not a lot of ringing endorsements from coaches that got beat by OU. I’d be interested to know which ones came from the Iowa State coach…


  2. Got Cowdog

    Piss rockets. WTF is a piss rocket? I still haven’t watched them play, but based on the comments following the post we might as well stay home. My goodness I had no idea how great and powerful ……….
    Uh-oh, this just in: Just got a glimpse if my inner Munson. He’s wearing an R(!)-3 jersey and appears to have a stiffy. Look out Baker.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    If it weren’t for Mayfield, I’d take Georgia easy in this one, but a great QB can beat a team almost single-handedly sometimes, and as annoying as Mayfield is, he’s still a great quarterback.


  4. Mayor

    Dawgs beat OK. Take it to the bank. Then they get either Clemson or Bama (I’m betting on Bama). That will be tougher.


  5. False flag

    I’m probably reading too much into this, but I have yet to see any moderate OU fans posting on any of the Rose Bowl related stories (I know, I know.) They all seem to think OU is going to beat UGA by 6 TD’s.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    My gut impression from the coaches comments is that OU can win, but… well, everything has to go right. A 6′ 5″ 254 lb. TE that won’t block? Except for one DE and Mayfield, it doesn’t sound like a lot to fear. Best comment was they are ‘not bad’ or they are ‘solid’. Faint praise a NC contender,imo. So, we need to respect the damage they can do, but plan for it with some confidence. Yes, they will score, but we’re going to win this in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Hopefully, we’ll be ready for Bama or Clemson. But, one game at a time.


  7. OK will have to be firing on all cylinders to beat us. They will have to score early and keep scoring. All we need to do is slow them down, which I think we can do. Then our O will grind up their sorry ass D. I will be surprised if Clemson scores against Bama. Get ready for total war in the finals: UGA vs bama. Should be an instant classic.


  8. Will Trane

    Smart took under advisement all those “bubble bath girl” comments.
    Ask the staff and players what they think of OU?
    Bet not one has any thoughts or comments like you folks posted.
    Get real.
    Plus the Dawgs could be on the verge of losing two assistants so what do you know it all think those coaches leaving have on game 1 plus early period recruiting.
    Most slow thinking folks I have ever seen.


  9. Will Trane

    Read Chip Towers take on Pruitt being a risky hire for UT.
    Bet that is what Fisher, Richt, and Saban thought too.
    Easy to understand that failed logic and reasoning in Towers’ article…ajcdawgnation.
    That be right girls…ajc, the lowest standard in journalism.