Loss of institutional control

While most of us fans are fascinated by the nuts and bolts of who Tennessee winds up hiring to replace Booch (more on that shortly), that doesn’t seem to be where the heads of some of those who administrate college sports are at.  And maybe that’s something deserving of a little more attention from the great unwashed.

Here are a couple of examples of what I’m referring to.  First, a quote from Penn State’s AD:

Penn State AD Sandy Barbour on the impact of the Tennessee coaching search on the future: “Our stakeholders were watching that. They go, ‘Next time Sandy makes a decision we don’t like, we’ll go on social media and get that changed.’ We all [as athletic directors] have to know that.

For some reason (I know, I know), Mark Emmert felt the need to weigh in, as well.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said when a school isn’t in alignment with all of its key leaders on an important personnel hire, “Then you get Tennessee.”

Yes, the president of the NCAA critiquing another organization’s dysfunctional behavior is about as pot calling the kettle black as it gets, but don’t let that distract you from the underlying reality that these folks are troubled by what happened to John Currie as he botched the coaching search.  Here’s another example:

Uh, dude… what’s happening in Yemen is a tragedy.  Currie being removed because he misread his fan base is more in the shit happens category.  Speaking of which, I suspect what really bothers the likes of these folks isn’t so much the fan reaction in and of itself, but the way somebody like Phil Fulmer was able to manipulate that reaction into staging a palace coup of a sitting athletic director.  Weasels, weasels everywhere and uneasy lies the crown, peeps.


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8 responses to “Loss of institutional control

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    The things that get me are the mediocrity of the judgments and decisions administrators make, and the poor banal rhetoric they spew. Mark Emmert’s public pronouncements are Grade B baloney at best. No wonder they lurch from crisis to crisis. They’re managed by people who couldn’t manage a lemonade stand.


  2. sniffer

    “What happened to Al is beyond unfortunate. It’s a tragedy. I don’t know if there’s anyone as well respected among his peers as Al Franken.”

    Fixed that.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Wish I had invented a pill that corrects male wandering hands syndrome(MWHS)…maybe I could go to the Rose Bowl…is me not going to the Rose Bowl a tragedy? I think not, I’m more comfortable huddled around the radio in the gas station.


  3. The King is dead. Long live the King.


  4. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be besmirching the good name of weasels in this manner. I am offended ,some of my best friends are weasels. You should apologize to all weasels ,everywhere


  5. Chi-town Dawg

    Hard for me to feel sorry for an executive who makes a bad decision, gets fired and walks away with a $5.5M severance package.


  6. Nashville West

    “There is a thin line that separates…comedy and tragedy…”- Erma Bombeck

    I’m going with comedy but an athletic department administrator confusing the two is nothing new.