Not too shabby

You know, that Smith kid’s not bad.



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24 responses to “Not too shabby

  1. Russ

    That guy may turn out to be pretty good.


  2. Al

    2 more games. He gone.


  3. Gravidy

    That’s a filthy lie. R hasn’t missed six tackles this season…

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  4. ugafidelis

    I’ve heard he’s pretty good.


  5. Mayor

    “One of these days the Smith kid at Georgia may be a pretty good player.” Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart


  6. Trbodawg

    I wonder what JR Reed’s success rate is. I remember he was at 100% success earlier in the season.


  7. Vidaliaway

    The 4 from the 4.9 came in the 1st auburn game. He was money all year.


  8. Timphd

    Rewatched the SEC championship game today. Kid was unbelievable. Dished out some hits that were teeth rattling, all the while holding Kerryon to limited yards, recovering two fumbles and otherwise destroying the Auburn offense. Great game for a kid who has had many this year.


  9. CannonDawg

    Roquan’s not the snot-knocking, mouthpiece-flying wrecking crew that Zambiasi was, and he’s not as vocal as Ros, but he’s the best of his time, and certainly one of the best of all time. If he came back for another year, he would be a slam-dunk college football HOF selectee, IMO. As it now is, he’ll enter the annals of Georgia football as one of the giants (and hopefully with a Natty to make his career all the more revered).

    It’s something special to have a championship football team and also have the best player on that team represent his school with such class and humility. With all that is disturubing about big-time college football these days, we’ve got Roquan.

    Thank goodness!

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    • southernlawyer11

      yeahhh, about coming back. Kirby isn’t going to let him come back. Kirby is going to change the locks and send him on a plane straight to New York.

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      • merk

        If he stays, Kirby has a key cog to build around next year. If he goes, Kirby likely gets to tout a 1st round Draft pick at LB on the recruiting trail.


  10. His missed tackles were so few that a couple really stand out because 1) they allowed big plays and 2) he doesn’t miss tackles. One against Notre Dame and the other against Auburn part one. Crazy to think he still has a year of eligibility.


  11. And, with Patrick likely gone that means we lost all 4 starters at LB.


    • D as in Dawg

      Can I dislike a comment.


      • Macallanlover

        Reality sux. We will deal with it, but there will be some pain.


        • Greg McGarity, J. Reid Parker Director of Reserve Funds

          The good thing, and this was good scheduling on my part, is that we have 3 total creampuffs at home next year to help ease our transition. I hope we all give a warm welcome to Austin Peay, Middle Tennessee, and UMass when they come to Athens!

          Also, the 2018 Hartman Fund deadline is fast approaching. Get your “donations” in asap.

          Go Dawgs!


  12. NCDawgMan

    Mr. Roquan Pleas be the Dawgs leader of “Savages” in 18’-19’, leadership,Speed and Personna to take Dawgs over the top


  13. What is wrong with ya’ll his name is no longer Roquan Smith…we have officially changed his name to one of two options ,”R” if your in a hurry or ,”the linebacker formerly known a Roqwuan” Half the time I don’t even have to see his number because you can tell he made the hit just by the way the opposition is de-cleated.. We’ve had a couple safeties who did that but I don’t remember a better LB. He gets there in a hurry and he arrives pissed off.