Making our presence known

As somebody who spent a small fortune on the trip to South Bend — worth every penny, by the way — it’s immensely gratifying for me to read this:

As he’s reminded of Georgia’s trip to South Bend the second game of the year, Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson continues to shake his head.

It was an experience he’ll never forget.

Not only did the finalist for the Outland Trophy leave impressed with what he saw from the Bulldog football team, the memory of thousands upon thousands of Red and Black clad fans still sits fresh on his mind.

“It was insane. I thought we were playing a home game but half, maybe half, the stadium was colored in red and their fans did a great job in that game,” Nelson said at the College Football Hall of Fame. “It (crowd noise) didn’t really affect us, but it was the first time I remember seeing a bunch of red in Notre Dame Stadium.”

That’s not all.

The sight of fans breaking out their smartphones to light up the stadium at the start of the fourth quarter was one he won’t forget.

“It was pretty sweet,” Nelson said. “A lot of our players wanted our fans to copy and start doing it. Credit to their fans and their team.”

Irish coach Brian Kelly warned the team the day before the game not to be shocked by what they saw.

“On Friday, you started to see a lot of red and Georgia Bulldogs in South Bend, and I think on Friday, Coach Kelly said there was going to be a lot of red in there so don’t be surprised,” Nelson said. “But yeah, I was surprised.”

It really is great to be a Georgia Bulldog.


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16 responses to “Making our presence known

  1. ZeroPointZero

    Year of the bucket list.


  2. Timphd

    Yes, that was amazing to be part of. Overall I thought the Dawg fans were well behaved too, which is something I do worry about. I am truly blessed this year to get to ND and the Rose Bowl. Couldn’t have imagined that 6 months ago.


  3. Debby Balce

    I hope the TV shows lighting up the stadium sometime. It really is a special moment. I hope we don’t have a lot of fan bases copy it.

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  4. JakeScott

    Will never forget it.


  5. Russ

    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!


  6. Russ

    As someone who hasn’t been to Sanford Stadium in a few years and didn’t know about the cell phone thing, I honestly thought the cell phone lights to start the fourth quarter was a Notre Dame thing, it was so widespread.

    That’s when I knew how fully we had spread throughout their stadium.


  7. Derek

    To think that we won at South Bend, have a SEC Title and it could still get better? Surreal. It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog irrespective of record, but this has been a lot of fun.

    Pasadena here we come! Plane leaves ATL in three weeks!


  8. Mayor

    🙂 All I can do is smile when I read something like this.


  9. Bob

    I echo those who talk about this being 2 bucket list items done in a single season. I am looking forward to the Rose Bowl, and yes, the parade too, As a retired Soldier looking forward to Gary Sinise as the Grand Marshal. Also looking forward to the Red Coats marching down Colorado Blvd. And of course best of all the Dawgs and Sooners in the Grand Daddy of them all with the St Gabriel Mountains in the background (thank you Keith Jackson).

    The trip to South Bend was awesome. The win. The behavior of the Georgia and Notre Dame fans. The beautiful campus. The hospitality. The game, which was classy on both teams parts with a lot less chippy crap than we see with other games. Great weekend.


  10. 81Dog

    Sounds like this ND player is as gracious and sportsmanlike as every single person I encountered in South Bend. I tried to explain the trip like this: Compared to any other road trip I have ever made, and I’ve been on what I considered some excellent ones, this one was like going to the Masters on Sunday as opposed to a member/guest at some municipal goat track. Sure, the latter can be fun, but nothing can prepare you for the first time you walk through the gates in Augusta. It’s just. so. perfect.

    I hope UGA fans will remember (or pay heed to the multitudes who went) in 2019 and extend a good deal more hospitality to our ND visitors than they would the chuckleheads from Auburn, Tennessee, GTU, etc. These are genuinely nice folks. Even after we beat their team, they were polite and sportsmanlike to us.


    • Mayor

      Midwest people are what people from the South used to be like before the South was invaded by assholes from the Northeast in large quantities.


      • Guessing you’ve never been to some of the more rural parts of the Midwest. Meth addicted, poverty stricken, white trash.

        People are people, everywhere you go.


        • Mayor

          You must be a transplanted asshole from the Northeast. Sorry I offended you. I have a lot of relatives in small towns all over the Midwest. The people I have met when visiting there are the salt of the earth–the opposite of white trash–some of the nicest people I have ever met. They aren’t rich but they all have jobs. When I want to see white trash I go to Tennessee, particularly East Tennessee, and pick a trailer park at random.


          • +1 on East Tennessee. But there is 0 difference between East Tennessee and rural parts of Ohio or Indiana. Zero.

            And I’m from Savannah, arguably as far away from the Northeast in every possible way.

            My point is simply that people are people, no matter where you go. The suburbs of NYC or Boston aren’t significantly different from those of Atlanta or Dallas. Likewise, once you get 40 miles of any major city anywhere, it’s all basically the same. YMMV of course, just my observation from my travels.


  11. I would have loved to go to ND from the sounds of everyone’s experience. It had to feel weird to the ND people to see the mean machine of red and black that showed up in Chicago and South Bend.

    I can’t wait for us to host them in 2019. For those of you tempted to profit off your tickets, just remember how we turned ND Stadium into Sanford North.


  12. Macallanlover

    Being snowed in since Friday morning I took the time to watch some games again this weekend, including ND. I felt the numbers were exaggerated but it did look like 40-50% of the crowd was UGA as I watched the game again. That is incredible given that UGA was one of the 2 best home games ND fans had to attend this season, how in the hell did they ever allow that to happen?

    I am sure ND fans will fans will shop early, and often, for the 2019 rematch but can you imagine them getting 10K more than their 8K allotment? I can’t. But like others, I hope our fans do reciprocate the good spirited way they treated visitors. That was the norm 25 years ago, we need to get back to that and police our own. Just too much ugliness and bad behavior these days, and the alcohol and adrenaline just fuels it on game days.