“That’s the question I get most: ‘How do you conduct business?'”

Imagine every high-handed, tone deaf thing you can credit to a P5 athletic director.  Then, multiply that by ten.  You may still be short on measuring Tom Jurich’s stint at Louisville.

The only amazing part of his story is that he was allowed to do it for so long.  Although, given the absurdly high pedestal we put organized sports on in this country, maybe it’s not so amazing.


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  1. TXBaller

    In other AD news, Chris DelConte has bolted from Fort Worth/TCU to Austin where he will make $1.3mm/yr. Texas went after, and got, arguably the most talented AD in the country while striking a dagger in its in-state rivals heart. A significant blow to Horned Frog nation.


  2. Mayor

    Jurich’s problem isn’t that he did things wrong. His problem was that he did things too WELL. The Senator and others on this blog have lamented (rightly) the flagrant misuse of “amateurism” by the NCAA and its member schools and conferences. The complaints by faculty that they only get paid $60/yr whereas millions get paid to the athletics side is a complaint that one could make at any P5 university and it would be true. What you got at Louisville is what happens when using “amateurism” to make money is carried to its extreme limits by a very talented guy with no limitations imposed on him by his superiors. Did Jurich know about the bribe to the recruit? Jurich says he didn’t and the circumstances seem to corroborate that. Pitino says he didn’t know either and his protestations are less believable, but still there is no evidence he did know. One can complain that the self-dealing and one-sided contract for the arena are excessive but that act, the bribe, appears to be the only criminal violation that occurred. When this is all over, if Pitino and Jurich are proven to be without knowledge of the bribe, both Jurich and Pitino are going to be well compensated by a court somewhere.


  3. ASEF

    Lie down with dogs…. A consortium of grifters.

    Remember Kevin Ware, the Louisville player who shattered his leg against Duke? He ended up transferring to Georgia State, and now he plays in Greece. Remember that when Jurich protests Louisville somehow done him wrong.


    • CardDawg

      Not sure what that has to with anything. Kevin left because he is a private, reserved guy who was having a rough time dealing with the constant publicity in town and on campus in the aftermath of the injury. Also, he’s from Conyers so he was closer to his family in transferring to GSU and was able to get out of the spotlight. Insinuating that he didn’t leave on his own is totally inaccurate.


  4. Lou

    So, the Mayor has this exactly right. The only thing really lacking in this scenario is (legally) paying the players. This is the pitiful result of trying to pump more money through a system that wasn’t intended to be a professional sports system. So, when you stack more tv revenue and booster dollars in order to generate more budget for a sports program, you land here.

    We’re in the CFP and I’m glad we’re doing well. But, i’d be just as proud of UGA if we just winning our regular season and letting the AP and UPI argue out who was the national champion. I know it’s impossible to walk back everything that’s happened since the 80s that got us to this point, but i lament the fact that college athletics isn’t in a great spot now because of this pursuit of money.


    • Macallanlover

      You aren’t blaming the limited CFB “playoffs” for all the excess money are you? It is only three games, with that money spread across their conferences. That is a drop in the bucket to the flood of total dollars rolling onto AD offices across the country. And even then, the poor use of these dollars isn’t related to how you acquire the money, that happens with weak personnel both in charge of the athletic department, and with oversight for it’s operation.


  5. Huntindawg

    That article reads like a smear job – ESPN jumping on the wagon to smear the AD who, it seems, actually did an amazing job for the university. Yes he made a lot of money, but apparently he built the athletic department up from nothing.