Vegas, Alabama and the CFP

I mentioned the other week that maybe college football ought to outsource the selection committee’s work to Vegas books.  Note that the team that just squeaked in to the CFP field is favored to win the whole shootin’ match.  Also note the betting distribution for the Sugar Bowl:

“Alabama got some money from a group who moves numbers,” Westgate Superbook assistant manager Ed Salmons said. “The public likes Clemson.”

At MGM sportsbooks, eight times as much money has been bet on the Crimson Tide as has been bet on Clemson in the first week since the matchup was set. The number of bets on the Sugar Bowl, however, was equally divided among the two teams, MGM vice president of race sports Jay Rood said.

Las Vegas sportsbook operator CG Technology also reported taking early “sharp” action on Alabama. CG Technology vice president of risk Jason Simbal said Sunday that he had taken more bets on Clemson, but there was three times as much money on Alabama.

“The most action, by far, on any bowl game is on Alabama-Clemson,” Simbal said. “That could end up being the most-bet game of the year. It might end being more heavily bet than the championship game.”

There’s a “what do they know that I don’t” aspect to this that reminds of the betting patterns in the week leading up to the SECCG.  And we know how that game went.


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8 responses to “Vegas, Alabama and the CFP

  1. Greg

    Even the FPI likes them, thinks they (FPI) have it close to right. But who knows “any given Saturday”…..”that is why we play the game”:


  2. Derek

    I think an all-sec final is likely. I’d rather see Dabo, but as long as we’re there that’s good enough.

    Btw: has anybody seen the secondary market for 1/8/18 tickets?

    Unreal. If it’s bama/Georgia it’ll be more ridiculous.


    • GShock

      Yeah the secondary market is on fire right now. But the truth is, if Georgia makes it (regardless of whether Bama or Clemson does), it will be the most expensive ticket in the history of the BCS and Playoff. The Bama-Clemson matchup last year had an average ticket price of $2,400 and the lowest people found on the secondary market was around $1,900. Any championship matchup with UGA in will blow past those. 35 years of pent up demand and the local venue. Bank accounts will be hurting….

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    • BCDawg97

      Yep. I went ahead and bought tickets already. I’ll take my chances on having to resell them if we don’t make it, but I do like that 2 close, drive able fan bases in Bama/Clemson are guaranteed to be in it no matter what.


  3. Otto

    Some King just said “Clemson to the Saban re education camp” and Vegas said “re education camp Dilly Dilly”


  4. Russ

    These two semifinal games are going to be some of the best I think we’ve seen. Our game should be a very interesting matchup with strength vs strength. Giving Bama and Clemson a month to plan should result in some interesting wrinkles for both sides.

    I’m going to have to cut my celebrating short in Pasadena so I can watch the Sugar Bowl.


  5. Mayor

    The lines prove one thing: The committee doesn’t know shit. The best team is number 4 and almost didn’t get in. The weakest team is number 2. I hope the Dawgs play Bama for the whole thing. And win.