“I don’t know what you’re talking about, man.”

Gathering intel on the hush-hush at the College Football Awards sounds like fun.


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8 responses to ““I don’t know what you’re talking about, man.”

  1. J-Dawg

    They need to find out how much overweight Mayfield is. He does look a little chunky to me. Make him run more than usual and wear his ass out. That and a few good shots from Mr. Smith should take care of him. Chubb, Michel and Swift. Lather, rinse, repeat.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    Brief synopsis anyone? I can’t get the link to work.


    • PTC DAWG

      Not much really, just players from each of the teams involved in bowls/playoffs asking others how to best play against them. Roquan talking to players who played against OU for example.


  3. I saw a report that Mayfield runs a 4.9 40. I thought he was so much faster than that. If he’s really that slow, he’s going to spend the majority of the game on his ass.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    So Kirby was actually eyeballing Mayfield and Orlando Brown…


  5. Dolly Llama

    I think the players talking to each other this way is kind of cool, humanizes the sport. Not to mention, it sounds like a smart thing to do. If these guys didn’t do it on their own, you can bet your ass the coaches were telling them to.


  6. Will Trane

    Rumor or fact?
    Hearing that sexual harassment allegations are coming down the road in Rocky Top country.