Signs your program may not be as attractive as you thought it was.

We already know that Fulmer had to lay out a six-year, $22.8 million contract to entice an assistant coach who’s been seriously jonesing for a head coaching gig for a few years to join him in Knoxville.  (For reference, that’s a bigger deal than Sexton arranged for Kirby Smart.)

Now it turns out that former AD John Currie promised Greg Schiano even more, a six-year deal starting at $4.4 million annually in 2018 with an increase of $50,000 for each ensuing year.

Vol fans are probably patting themselves on the back for what they perceive as Fulmer’s astute deal making while ignoring the underlying truth that UT is having to promise more than the average bear to get folks like Pruitt and Schiano to pay serious attention to it in the first place.  If the Fulmer-Pruitt marriage doesn’t take, one can only imagine what Tennessee will have to offer to get the next hack to listen.


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10 responses to “Signs your program may not be as attractive as you thought it was.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Run him off! Git!

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  2. lakedawg

    Do not see how those two make it more than 2 years as partners.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I love sequels, and the coaching search was so great I can’t WAIT to see what UT comes up with for the next one.


  4. David K.

    When you’re playing with a bottomless pile of money, does it really matter?


  5. Pruitt’s doesn’t seem too out of whack when you consider he’s making $1.3MM currently. Slightly more than double his salary.

    Schiano, on the other hand, makes $700k this year.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    You mean they don’t have to pay Schiano anything for jerking him around like that? Who’s Schiano’s agent? Lawyer?

    “Mr. Fulmer, there’s a man on the phone who says there’s a small matter of the bill to be addressed.”