Amateurism ain’t for amateurs.

You don’t get this without telling the hired help they’re only there for an education.

In a sense, that’s an education in and of itself.


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  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    Which at 40hrs a week is less than $5 an hour.

    Meanwhile the 7 individuals sitting on their accomplished hands are making over $33,000.00 an hour.

    Seems fair.


  2. DawgPhan

    I have been pushing that same stat for a while.

    Bielma 5.8
    Graham 12
    Jones 8.1
    Mora 12.2
    Riley 6.6
    Sumlin 10.4
    McElwain 7ish?

    Gary Anderson walked away from a 12 million buyout

    Fisher owes FSU money. And we havent even started buying out assistant coaches nor have we considered what all of the churn in the market means to existing contracts.

    This offseason coaching changes will come in well north of $100million.


  3. Faulkner

    Hey kids, forget the MBA or graduate school and become a head coach of a college football team. That’s where the money is.


  4. Rampdawg

    The old saying about fools and money. Well, you know.


  5. Chi-town Dawg

    When I was a kid and would ask my grandfather where he went to school, his standard reply was The School of Hard Knocks. Sounds like a few of the P5 ADs are getting a crash course in it.


  6. Highlands Dog

    And a Bulldog player gets in big trouble for stupidly passing counterfeit $100 bill that probably he originally got passed to him without knowing it.


    • Speaking of stupid charges, the marijuana charge against Natrez Patrick was dropped and the DUI charge against Jayson Stanley was dropped. Mark Schlabach posted a picture of the marijuana found in the car submitted as evidence and it was smaller in volume than a freaking penny. Shit like that is just an incredible waste of resources and sounds like a cop that had a solution searching for a problem.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Damn. Just damn.


  8. MEd_Dawg

    “Institutions of higher education are paying $69,010,000 to seven individuals for them to not work”. Is it the institution, or the Athletic Association that has money separate from the institution? Or, does it even matter because it just looks bad? I’ve gotta think with the way some state’s legislatures work, and with public funding consistently decreasing for public schools across the country, if it was actual school money then a state legislature somewhere would probably be trying to do something about it.


  9. Amazing. Just beyond amazing.