“It’s Herschel Walker. I don’t have to play him, so it’s all right.”

If you’re expecting Baker Mayfield to provide bulletin board material for the Rose Bowl, I’m afraid you’re gonna be disappointed.

That exchange offered a nice glimpse into the persona of Oklahoma’s record-setting quarterback. The dude knows how to work a room and is quite comfortable at a lectern. And he knows how to butter-up an opponent.

Mayfield insists he wasn’t just trying to endear himself to the Bulldog Nation by offering effusive praise about their greatest player of all time. But one started to wonder when he began to gush about the Georgia defense he’ll face when No. 2 Oklahoma faces No. 3 Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

Mayfield was asked if the Sooners’ had faced a comparable defense to Georgia’s this season

“They’re the best defense; you can’t compare them to anybody,” he said. “They’re in a league of their own and that’s the reason they’re in the playoffs. They follow behind that defense. You can’t compare them to other people because they’re so talented and they play so well together. To say they’re like anybody else would be downplaying how good they are.”

And so it went. If there is going to be any trash-talking in the first-ever meeting between these two powerhouse programs, it wasn’t coming out of the Red Room on Thursday.

Trying to get on our good side, eh?  Sneaky bastid…


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15 responses to ““It’s Herschel Walker. I don’t have to play him, so it’s all right.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Somebody has done a good job toning him down after his gaffes earlier this year.


  2. heyberto

    He doesn’t start with the smack talking and crotch grabbing until after the game has started is all. It’s coming.

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  3. J-Dawg

    Doesn’t Herschel still have a year of eligibility left. Sign him up.


  4. I hate suck ups…kick his ass.


  5. Macallanlover

    As it should be. They are a good team, much better than good because of his offensive, and we are a good team throughout as well. No need for trash talking to take away from what should be a very interesting match-up. Both teams have a right to feel confident, but respectful of their opponent. I certainly don’t blame him for not wanting to piss R off. I certainly wish we would stop giving opposing teams around 100 yards of field position with our propensity for large penalties, OU doesn’t need any help from us.


  6. Wait until that sassy little twat hits his first TD. Clever punk.


  7. People are aware that Mayfield isn’t the one that begins the shit-talking, right? His responses might be over the top, but he’s never the one that starts it. That said – he sure as shit finishes it by usually beating the crap out of your team.


    • dawgtired

      He certainly has my respect, as well as their team. I hadn’t watched any OU football this year so when I learned we would play them, I started watching replays of their games. Man, the team speed was surprising. The WRs and RBs are fast and get yards after contact. Mayfield himself reminds me of Manziel the way he moves in the pocket and slings it. He can take off and run too. I knew they had a passing game because Mayfield is in the news every Saturday but they run more often than expected…and are successful at it.
      Opposing coaches make them sound unstoppable. Our D has it’s work cut out. The unspoken determining factor in this game may just be our O vs their D. Our O may be our best defensive weapon. Pound it and keep Mayfield and company on the sidelines.


      • David H.

        Oklahoma’s offense is very strong, and very balanced. Great passing game, great running game, and great O-line. I think Oklahoma will gain plenty of yards, but the Dawgs can certainly hope to (1) stiffen in the red zone and force FG attempts, and (2) force the occasion turnover like we did against Auburn. Turnovers were the big key in the SEC championship game, and they will be big in the Rose Bowl, because both offenses will move the ball.

        Dawgtired’s last 2 sentences were very true as well; Georgia can hope and expect to have long time-consuming drives on offense, to keep Oklahoma’s offense off the field.


        • Dawg in Lutz

          The Dawgs will play deep and keep everything in front of them. We need to make them have long drives and not the big plays. They’ve been good at hitting the big play and scoring quickly. We need to make them throw short passes and run the ball to beat us. This will also shorten the game which is to our benefit.


          • Russ

            Texas had them beat until they hit a wheel route (I believe) on a busted coverage. Like any team, they can be beaten but we can’t let them get on a roll.


  8. AceDawg

    Mayfield can be beaten but not rattled. He’s Fromm with four more years of life experience and a hair more athleticism.



    Keep hitting him before during and after the game. We will break his will or break him into 2 pieces!,


  10. Dawg in Lutz

    just don’t give him the home run play. Make him throw the underneath passes all day long. He wants to sling it 50 yards down field; so let’s take that away.


  11. Doc Holliday

    Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?