If we fans are pinching ourselves over Georgia’s appearance in the Rose Bowl…

imagine what the players must be feeling.

So it has been multiple generations since the Bulldogs played in the Rose Bowl. In more recent history, they haven’t played in a premier bowl game in a decade. The other three playoff teams this season — Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma — have all appeared in the playoff at least once in its three-year history. Meanwhile, Georgia’s bowl destinations the past three seasons have been pedestrian: the Belk Bowl, the TaxSlayer Bowl and the Liberty Bowl.

“It’s a little hard to believe, but the guys that were here, we realized how far we’ve come,” senior outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter said. “It gives us the motivation to come out and work. We have chances to play for a championship and not just the Liberty Bowl.”

This time last year, few, if any, outside of Athens cared about the 7-5 Bulldogs heading to the Liberty Bowl. The only thing at stake was adding to the win column. A loss really didn’t matter. Georgia’s players went to Memphis, Tennessee, to have fun, eat ribs and play a football game. It was more of a vacation than a business trip.

That’s not the case this year, not with what can still be achieved.

“We’re there for one mission and for one mission only,” senior running back Sony Michel said. “That’s to win a football game and get back to the East Coast.”

I appreciate the stated attitude, but it’s still got to be a little surreal for guys like Carter and Michel.

That being said, and with apologies to Bobby Petrino, if the Dawgs win in Pasadena, I’ve got dibs on trademarking “We didn’t come to eat ribs”.


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7 responses to “If we fans are pinching ourselves over Georgia’s appearance in the Rose Bowl…

  1. Those guys came back for a chance to win an SEC ring. Let’s get a 🏆 to go along with it.


  2. Brandon

    The Taxslayer Bowl is The Gator Bowl, right? Not quibbling in any way with the post but I hate the way they are constantly renaming a lot of bowls. The Gator Bowl at least was an old, respectable bowl, the “Taxslayer” Bowl sounds like it was founded last week by Lady Gaga.


  3. 81Dog

    Playing in South Bend and Pasadena in the same season is kind of surreal. Getting wins in both places, and a chance to go play for a NC in Atlanta? Surreal-er. Doing all that AND winning the NC in Atlanta? Surreal-est.

    If this team has shown anything all year, it has been an ability to focus on the job at hand, and not to be distracted by success, potential, happy talk, trash talk from opponents, disrespect from the media, or anything else. The task ahead is formidable, but I expect they will handle it the same way they’ve done it all year. My dad used to ask, rhetorically, when we faced a big job, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

    here’s to big appetites, sharp teeth, and persistence by the UGA football team!

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  4. Glenn - Newnan

    In Pasadena it should be, “We didn’t come to eat tacos.”



    Kirby said the other day that riding rides and having a good time is all good. But we are here to do a job! Don’t let the red and black machine stop here let’s go all the way!!!