“Is it really important to dominate college football recruiting in your own state?”

Here are a couple of interesting charts from this David Ching piece about the importance of recruiting the home front:

David answers his question in the header by writing “… it depends”.  Certainly, it helps, it matters, but you can be successful even if you don’t get the bulk of your players from your home state.

Perhaps the biggest advantage a high level home state recruiting edge provides is for a more efficient use of a program’s resources.  It’s easier to cultivate local talent, because there’s a natural inclination for many recruits to stay home.  You also have the built-in advantages of cultivating the in-state high school coaches and having easier access to them.  Jeremy Pruitt, for example, is going to find it a lot harder to get those kids out of Georgia that he got while on Richt’s staff now that he’s wearing orange.  On the flip side, Kirby Smart’s access to Georgia’s wealth allows him the luxury of picking his spots when he goes out of state for certain recruits.


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  1. Excellent post from a guy who claims not to follow recruiting 😉

    On the topic at hand, it’s no surprise that 13 of the top 15 on the second list are schools in California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. The schools in the elite talent footprint have to build their talent base with in-state players. The Florida and Georgia schools have an unbelievable advantage because they go back and forth across the state line. It’s like the two states are one for the purposes of high school talent. If Kirby continues to get the Georgia kids he wants and can pull 3-5 from Florida, he can then go national to fill the class with an elite talent at positions of need.

    The question will always be which 18-20 kids in state are the guys you really want because there are just too many players for too few spots.


  2. dawgtired

    The talent in Texas (1st), Florida (2nd) and California (3rd) are shared by multiple, in-state, good to decent P5 schools. Texas has Longhorns, A&M, Tech, Baylor and TCU. Florida has FSU, UF and Miami, with upcoming SF, CF and others. California has USC, UCLA, and Cal. All we have is Tech to contend with in state. Our biggest threats come from border schools like FSU, Auburn, Clemson and of course Bama. We have a pretty good set-up being the 4th in talent with only Tech to battle in state. Keep them coming Kirby.


    • Texas Dawg

      In other words, you are saying that we don’t have anyone of note that we have to really recruit against anyone in our state.


      • Fish Fry is the greatest recruiting asset we have. It’s almost like we’ve let him beat us just barely enough to keep the nerds from realizing the folly of running an offense designed for talent deprivation out of midtown Atlanta.


        • Mayor

          Been saying it for years–Fish Fry is the best thing that could have happened to the Dawgs. I believe FF is a Georgia Illuminatti agent from his days at Georgia Southern and being influenced by Erk.


  3. dawgfan1995

    I also liked the third chart that accompanied the story, which pointed out that Georgia has the most Power 5 signees per capita — with an average of over 2.4 P5 players per 100,000 males in the state since 2008. That matches up with that AJC article you posted in the past couple of weeks.


  4. This is dumb say you were a school in umm Utah the top 25 don’t matter you pray you sign the top 3 and get the rest your players from other states
    Texas have 100s of kids states like FL GA CA signing top 25 is great however half the states don’t produce 25 legit SEC type recruits


    • Uglydawg

      True Ray…I think we can just say UGA is in a fortunate situation given these statistics. Kirby Smart knows how to play a fortunate hand.
      Now we’ll see how well Jeff Pruitt can play an unfortunate hand.


  5. Re Kirby: I’ve always said he really needed to hit it big ON THE FIELD this year…….it was the proverbial hump to get over and now I think he’s going to be playing with a big time talent advantage over many of our opponents. Success in this year 2 could not be understated from a long term trajectory standpoint.

    Couple that with winning the SEC in your capital city’s spanking new spaceship of a football stadium. Now, if you could check off the first Natty in 37 years right in downtown Atlanta and go straight into an on-field stump speech about your State—Your Team—-Your Trophy—-Georgia this Georgia that. Lights out, pretenders !


  6. Uglydawg

    As I noted above.. This looks tough for Tennessee. pity..(snark snark)