“There’s a big gap between a need and a want.”

USA Today has another college football haves and have-nots story that doesn’t really break much new ground, other than offer a little more emphasis on what the haves… um, have.

Colorado State’s athletic revenue was just under $40 million, which ranks in the top half of the Mountain West but is still $18 million less than Washington State, which ranked last among the Power Five’s public schools.

Twenty-eight Power Five schools reported athletic revenue of more than $100 million, with Texas A&M leading the way at nearly $195 million. Each of the Power Five conferences made payouts to their members ranging between from $42 million in the Southeastern Conference to about $29 million in the Pac-12.

The College Football Playoff distributed at least $60 million to each Power Five conference last season , with the Big Ten netting $70.9 million.

If you’re in a P5 conference, you ain’t starving.  Washington State, mentioned above, just gave Mike Leach a five-year contract extension worth about $20 million.

They’re rolling in it, peeps.  Those waterfalls and $10,000 lockers aren’t paying for themselves.

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