Things that make this Dawg fan go hmmm…

Hell, I hope it’s right, too.  So do Bellamy and Carter.


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11 responses to “Things that make this Dawg fan go hmmm…

  1. Mayor

    Georgia’s DL handled ND’s OL just fine. Maybe Georgia’s DL will handle OU’s OL too.

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  2. AceDawg

    Ha – Maybe offensive line ratings work like errors in baseball. If a defensive player never touches the ball, it doesn’t go down as an error even if he clearly misplayed it. So maybe when an offensive lineman completely whiffs on a defender as ND’s did a few times with Bellamy and Carter, it doesn’t go down as a missed block…


  3. 92 grad

    Cool info. Unfortunately, we played them so early in the year nobody will take notice of our teams’ season as a whole.

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  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    They scored 19 points on us. 😀


  5. dawgtired

    Off topic: I’m hearing Bama lost Moses, possibly for the season. That may be a monkey wrench in their hopes…


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Joe Moore was a long-time offensive line coach at…

    wait for it….

    Notre Dame.


  7. Macallanlover

    The left guard was pretty solid but the AA tackle on that side was very, very s l o w. They may have been better than average, but that is about it, the award process has to be a joke. I know Auburn’s was better, believe OU’s will be better, and could make a case that, late in the season, UGA’s was better. Pretty sure they wouldn’t be in the Top 15 in an honest contest.


    • Mayor

      Right Mac. I am so sick of ND and tOSU getting awards and bumps in the polls because if the media.


      • dawgtired

        Yep, you may know this but every football season ND starts out as the National Champions. Then if/when they lose their 3rd game the powers-to-be look to see if a team in the PAC12 or B1G is worthy. Then when that falls through they grudgingly give it to the southern school that comes out on top. In front of the cameras they smile and talk about how good the SEC is (for their own credibility), but deep down they’re pissed. They really want to get back to the days of the ‘Granddaddy of them all’ Rose bowl that pits the #1 and #2 teams from the PAC and the B1G.


  8. Jack Burton

    Y’all better be careful here in these here comments. I’d hate for one of you old timers to trip and break a hip.

    But yeah, that OL is overrated.