Further proof of a special season

Given history, this is kind of amazing.

Latavious Brini is no longer facing a felony charge for forgery.

On Wednesday, Brini’s attorney Mark Wiggins confirmed that the charge was dropped during a preliminary hearing. Brini maintained his innocence by claiming he was a victim of mistaken identity. The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office claimed Brini used a fake $100 to receive $92 in change.

“This was a perfect case of the judicial system; the court, the prosecutor, the police and the defense lawyer, all aggressively seeking the truth,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said Tuesday that there was no video footage linking Brini to the crime. The only link was a cashier claiming Brini was the perpetrator after he walked into the store eight days after the incident.

The times, they are a-changin’.

If Kirby’s not on the next plane to Vegas, he’s making a mistake.  What a roll he’s on…



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19 responses to “Further proof of a special season

  1. Mayor

    If the kid’s not guilty he’s not guilty. I’m glad he was cleared.


  2. Debby Balcer

    I was a cashier and there is no way I could have indentured a customer days later. The charges seemed a stretch to me.


  3. Silver Britches

    Y’all. We have definitely passed through the looking glass.


  4. Barstool

    Up is down. Left is right.


  5. Got Cowdog

    The damn kids are running amok. drinkin’, smokin’ weed, counterfeitin’. Hell, I bet one of them little hooligans urinates outside on the wall of hallowed Russel Hall after the Rose Bowl game. Somebody needs to put a stop to this nonsense …………


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Clarke County Sheriff’s Office worst nightmare – players with legal representation.

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    Never admit anything, unless a good lawyer say so.


  8. cardawgrapher

    Congrats, Trevon Shorter!


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Just another day for the rest of the SEC.



  10. Bill Glennon

    Waiting for the Jeff Schultz article about how he should still be suspended anyway, like NP who “was present during Marijuana-related incidents 6 times in 3 years”, some will argue that Brini should be suspended because the eyewitness ID is enough, irrespective of prosecutable evidence.

    The difference is called due process, and its important.


    • Got Cowdog

      Good luck with that, Bill.
      The fact of the matter is that at some point, Brini had probably played played Monopoly and was in the presence of “fake” currency therefore forever suspect of such activity. If the ACCPD were to search his bedroom at his Mama’s house, they would probably find the evidence they need to convict, in a box labeled “Monopoly” on the top shelf of the closet, or maybe in his little sister’s room.
      In the meantime he should be suspended from the team and not allowed to play in the Rose Bowl, truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.


  11. dawgman3000

    Process fully implemented.

    Mission accomplished.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The charge never made any sense to me before when it was first reported, and I am glad that the legal system still works. I would argue that it always has (more or less) and that what makes the UGA situation different is not so much the legal system, but the way they went beyond the legal system as a matter of honor. Don’t get too excited, they could still do that here.


  13. Cousin Eddie

    I could see things going down like this:

    Jimmy Williams: What did the person look like that gave you the $100 bill?
    Clerk: Sorta like him, pointing to some unsuspected kid walking in the door, you know tall, athletic.
    Future ex-chief Williams: Arrest that man.
    Clerk: Not him just looks like him.
    Future ex-chief Williams: To late, you pointed to him and I know he is a UGA player so he must be guilty.
    Future ex-chief Williams: Quick someone call the AJC.
    Prosecutor: Is that the evidence we have?
    Future ex-chief Williams: Yes.
    Prosecutor: Seriously?
    Future ex-chief Williams: He is a UGA player so he must be guilty, didn’t Matlock say something about returning to the scene of the crime?
    Wiggins: Yeah, we’re leaving, Courier over the dismissal papers on your dime.