Kirk Herbstreit has lost control over losing control.

Herbie doesn’t understand what the big deal is about meeting Micah Parsons on the GameDay set.

While bemused, I’m actually a little sympathetic. Maybe Herbstreit might want to try a little sympathy himself the next time he’s about to rush to judgment on social media.



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7 responses to “Kirk Herbstreit has lost control over losing control.

  1. bulldogbry

    I think I agree with Rece. WHY is this a violation? It’s not like they put him on the air. I mean, I guess it could always lead to other things and where do you draw the line, blah blah blah, but still.

    Your point about Herbie is spot on, though.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    The violation was OSU’s, not Kirk, Eddie, et al.

    The OSU folks know the rules and know they can’t showcase a HS recruit. It’d be fine if every single OSU student was strolling around the set, getting selfies with the ESPN crew etc.

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  3. Stoopnagle



  4. Bulldog Joe

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Pollack and Maria Taylor got a ‘friendly reminder’ from one of our staff members on this.



  5. Mayor

    If Georgia gets a 5 star out of it I am thrilled the Bucks screwed up.