Throwing stuff up against the bulletin board and seeing what sticks.

As I’ve already said, motivation tends to carry the day during bowl season.  In my mind, if UCF has a legitimate shot of upsetting Auburn in the Peach Bowl, it’ll be because the Knights want it more than the Tigers.  On paper, anyway, Auburn’s offense looks to have its way with a mediocre Central Florida defense and it’s hard to see how UCF copes with that menacing Auburn defensive front.

Best thing to do, then, would seem to be to lull the Gus Bus to sleep with lots of love and respect and try to catch them napping on game day. But, between one of UCF’s players denigrating SEC speed and now Scott Frost himself claiming that his coaching staff is outworking Malzahn’s, it looks like they’ve decided on a different tack to take.  Interesting.



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42 responses to “Throwing stuff up against the bulletin board and seeing what sticks.

  1. 81Dog

    you want respect, you got to earn respect. Screw the Gus Bus and the mules they use to pull it. Bravo to Scott Frost and UCF for not bowing down to those ignorant county tards. Gus lost the right to ask for respect when he started banging his hillbilly gums about “beat(ing) the dog crap out of them.” If UCF wins by 40, I will be disappointed they didn’t win by 50. It ain’t bragging if you can do it, Scott. Now, just go do it.

    conference loyalty? No chance where the barners are involved. They cant lose often enough or by enough to suit this correspondent.


  2. Russ

    Dat azz. Auburn’s going to beat it.


  3. CB

    I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a close game.


  4. Gravidy

    I will never, ever understand why people want to poke bears like that. It’s ursine-ine.


  5. Derek

    Scott: “If we can block them and tackle them, then I like our chances.”

    Just minor details…


  6. I love Frosts’ arrogance. That’s exactly what NEB needs more of, to be honest. Frost also has an insane work ethic, so I don’t doubt he’s working hard.

    Having said that… I’m not sure you say these things publicly.


    • Otto

      I hope Aubie puts a Hawaii style beat down on them.


      • Why would you ever want AUB to do anything well?

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        • Otto

          Why would you want the SEC to crap the bed on a national stage?


          • 81Dog

            there’s only one team in the SEC I care about, and it isn’t auburn. YMMV, but between us and those country retards, it’s usually a zero sum game. So, me personally, I prefer that they be the zero. Is it ok with me if Miss State or some mid level team in some desultory mid level bowl wins? Sure, who cares? But I am perfectly fine for a program I hate to embarrass itself on a national stage any time.

            I’m not making any bold predictions about them crapping the bed, because I know they have a really good, deep team, but that wont stop me from hoping for a Christmas miracle, and, should my wish be granted, laughing about it until next Labor Day.


          • Oh I don’t give two shits about any SEC team other than UGA. Personally I hope every SEC team loses every game by 50. Fuck em.


          • Bazooka Joe

            This is where I am different than most on here…. I care about Georgia (like everyone else here) but don’t give a crap about the rest of the SEC. I will not pull for a team just because they are in the SEC. Hell I just hate everyone !


        • Uglydawg

          One big but obscure reason…Some Tennessee fans that I know are saying “UCF is better than Georgia or Alabama and should be in the CFP ” . This is a meme that will be used to denigrate UGA’s accomplishments esp. if the Dawgs go all the way. They’ll “But you couldn’t have beaten UCF”…never mind that UT didn’t win one conference game. (Tennessee fans are struggling to deal with reality. They are very, very slow at gaining a clue as to where they sit)
          Auburn will do the SEC a favor by soundly beating UCF..
          However, I too believe that most of the motivation is with UCF.
          I can’t see Auburn getting all worked up about playing them, except that kids who play at this level are competitive by nature and want to win.
          Also they may want to get the bad taste of the SECCG out of their mouths and not damage their recruiting position.


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m having a hard time typing this…but I hope Auburn beats them 77-0.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    This will probably stir up Auburn, but I think Coach Frost wants to do everything in his power to make sure that his team is confident (and more importantly, simply not afraid) going into the game. The biggest hurdle for the underdog to clear is simply getting to the point where they believe they can win.


  9. dawgtired

    “UCF running back Adrian Killins last week said Auburn hadn’t seen the type of speed the Knights have and that the Tigers are in for a “rude awakening” in the Peach Bowl.”

    I’m guessing Killins thinks that the Dawgs, LSU and the Elephants do not match UCF’s team speed…


  10. PTC DAWG



  11. Bulldog Joe

    Frost got his ENTIRE staff to follow him from Florida to Nebraska? That’s some loyalty you don’t ever see.

    I’m just happy they are not going to Gainesville.


  12. DawgFlan

    SEC homerism is just next-level moral victory seeking. It’s a salve for fans of non-elite teams. UGA is in, and either plays well enough to win, or doesn’t. Auburn winning a bowl won’t make me feel better if UGA loses.


  13. WarD Eagle

    From the long view I would like to see UCF win. I think they earned the spot given to SPUAT in the “playoff”.

    Obviously, from the short view, I never want to see Auburn lose.

    A Country Tard.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      SPUAT scandal-plagued University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa) , “who tend to have multiple tattoos, numerous missing teeth, and IQs smaller than their waist sizes”

      …..trying to be helpful. You gotta win the ones that count though. And UCF is gonna get their ass handed to them. You know that.
      Just sayin’


      • WarD Eagle

        Yeah. Losing to LSU was ridiculous and the (what appears to be) annual inexplicable face plant in the opener (because you were ill-prepared) really hurt a good team.

        I don’t think there was anything they could do against UGA the second time around with all their RBs unable to perform (that’s not knocking the fact that UGA answered the bell the 2nd time around).


  14. Cojones

    Of course I want the SEC teams to win in order to point out the gauntlet we run each year in our schedule that makes us tougher and better than most teams in every conference. Sheesh – some of you think that’s bad ? Fuck off then.


    • Mayor

      That’s one of the reasons the top SEC teams have such good postseason records. The difficult teams they play during their conference schedule.