Bending without breaking in the Rose Bowl

So, this comment got me wondering about how Georgia and Oklahoma match up in the red zone.

Red Zone Conversions – Games vs. FBS (I-A) Teams Only

  • Georgia: 6th  (TD% – 29th)
  • Oklahoma:  17th (TD% – 15th)

Opponent Red Zone Conversions – Games vs. FBS (I-A) Teams Only

  • Georgia:  35th (TD% – 4th)
  • Oklahoma:  94th (TD% – 60th)

Well now.  If the Dawgs can swap a red zone touchdown or two on their end for Oklahoma field goals…


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15 responses to “Bending without breaking in the Rose Bowl

  1. Biggen

    I guess I’m the only one thinking we get a couple INTs here in this game. We know OU wants to throw and we have some pretty good corners.

    Mix in a Mecole punt/kickoff return TD and I think we are happy.

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    • Russ

      Pick six would be YUGE! Best ever!

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    • 92 grad

      I would expect an exciting first quarter, maybe second too because the sooner skill position guys will be a step behind or passing windows will be deceptively open. The speed of our defenders will take them by surprise, the tackling and coverages should be faster and deceiving to them for a little while.

      Another point, the month long gap as we wait for the game usually hurts the offense more than the defense. Game will likely be a low scoring first quarter as we both knock off the rust.


  2. Russ

    I’m honored. I guess this is what being retweeted feels like, if I used Twitter.


    • Cojones

      It is a good point you made and the Senator saw that it probably was in a lot of minds, but the next question is: In all of their O passing and running TDs, what % was after they are downed in the Red Zone vs scores that occurred before reaching the Red Zone?

      Hope the answer to that isn’t a buzzkill.


  3. Russ

    I looked at the defensive stat and saw TCU at the top of the list. That kind of a buzzkill.


  4. McNease

    This is the key to game in my opinion. I don’t know how many punts OU will have to do but realistically I think the goal will be to keep everything in front, less field to cover in the red zone, make them kick FGs, and finally score TDS.


  5. I think we run all over ’em, sack Mayturd a couple times, at least one interception, and one kick/punt return. We should be fine.


  6. Saltwater Dawg

    My prediction:

    Field Position: We should end up at least +20 yards better on field position.

    11 possessions for OK
    11 possessions for UGA

    UGA Defense: 2 turnovers, 2 stops/punts, forces OK into 3 FG’s with 1 miss

    OK Defense: 0 turnovers, 4 stops/punts, forces UGA into 2 FG (both made),

    Special teams: Mecole gets his TD

    Final: 48-34 DAWGS


  7. Mayor

    I don’t want to jinx us so I won’t make any predictions. That said, the more stats I see about the respective teams the better I like the Dawgs’ chances in this game.