Check out the big brain on Georgia’s 2018 class.

Sure, all those stars are nice, but you know what else gets Kirby going?  Smarts (see what I did there?).

… Nine guys of the 17 had over a 3.0 core GPA, which was a major emphasis for us in this class. Three of these guys had offers from Ivy League schools, so we are really excited about this class…

… He [Justin Fields] was being offered by Ivy League schools and he chose to go to Georgia. That says a lot about not just about our program, but our school. … We’ve got a top-15 public institution with a business school that is second-to-none in the country and not a lot of people can sell that so when you have that opportunity you have to go after the best.

I wonder how many mommas he’s impressed on the recruiting trail with that pitch.


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16 responses to “Check out the big brain on Georgia’s 2018 class.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m enjoying a big kahuna burger and a tasty sprite while reading this.


  2. Reinmart

    That is a tasty burger!

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  3. The 984

    Yeah, but they don’t have to take calculus, so it doesn’t count.

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    Our coach is writing his on book on how to be all around champions. It is unbelievable the kind of coach we have.


  5. Utilizing all of our resources. What a novel concept.


  6. Russ

    We also have a nice new College of Engineering so you don’t have to go to tech to be a nerd. Be a nerd like me with a good football team

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