We all know Georgia’s mantra on defense is preventing the big gain.  That mantra is going to be sorely tested in the Rose Bowl.

First off, here’s where the Dawgs stand nationally in D-1 opponents’ long plays from scrimmage:

  • 10+ yards:  2nd
  • 20+ yards:  9th
  • 30+ yards:  9th
  • 40+ yards:  9th

That is solid and consistent.  So, what are they up against?  Oklahoma’s rankings in D-1 long plays from scrimmage:

  • 10+ yards:  1st
  • 20+ yards:  1st
  • 30+ yards:  1st
  • 40+ yards:  1st

That’s downright ridiculous.

Oh, yeah — I didn’t bother to go out beyond 40+ yards, because of sample size.  Georgia’s only given up three plays of 50+ yards all season.  Oklahoma’s offense, though, has notched 21 of those suckers.  Yikes.

The flip side looks pretty dynamic, too.

The Sooners’ national rankings in D-1 opponents’ long plays from scrimmage:

  • 10+ yards:  81st
  • 20+ yards:  77th
  • 30+ yards:  117th
  • 40+ yards:  103rd

And Georgia’s national rankings in D-1 long plays from scrimmage:

  • 10+ yards: 42nd
  • 20+ yards:  16th
  • 30+ yards:  18th
  • 40+ yards:  47th

Two conclusions to draw from the numbers:  one, that strategy of Georgia grinding it out on offense to keep Baker Mayfield and Company off the field sounds great in theory, but in practice there’s a decent likelihood the ball is going to be moving up and down the field like crazy all day.

Oh, and two?  I’d keep those bathroom breaks short while you’re watching the game.  Otherwise, you might miss something.


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17 responses to “Fireworks

  1. Harvey

    O/U is 60. Vegas ain’t dumb.


  2. Dawg in Lutz

    it seems as though most of their long passes have the receiver running 10 yards past the DB’s. i can see the UGA DB’s playing very deep to make sure they don’t run past us. that does open up the middle of the field to crossing routes; so let’s hope the D line can put enough quick pressure that BM has to get rid of the ball before those routes open up. Also, timely blitz’s will play a huge factor. When we blitz, we have to get to him or force a quick, errant throw.

    this game will be a blast. i can wait.


    • bulldogbry

      Good point, however I like the thought of having a Roquan in the middle of the field. Not so much for interceptions, but I think after he hits one of their WR’s one time, they’ll have second thoughts about doing it again.

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  3. J-Dawg

    Even if it becomes a shootout I like our chances. In the Mizzou game when Fromm needed to score fast and often he was able to engineer those drives. Too many people sell this kid(and our offense) short. I hope they take the leash off him in this game. Also, Nick & Sony want this more than anything. I look for them to run with anger & purpose. If that happens, OU won’t stop them. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. St. Johns Dawg

    I’ve watched a good bit of Oklahoma all year. They are as good as advertised on offense … However, a lot of those big plays were due to missed 1-on-1 tackles and no help. We’ve been outstanding in 1-on-1 tackles this year. I think we find a way to slow Baker and Co. down a bit … If they give us any turnovers we should finish with a solid win.

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  5. Dave

    They’re gonna get their yards and, to a certain degree, points.

    Best thing we can do is not let those slants and screens go for big gains.

    We have done exceedingly well at snuffing out screens this year. Our coaches have done an amazing job in teaching the kids to recognize it.

    I don’t know any team we’ve faced that has thrown as many slants as OU, so that will be a test.


    • Russ

      Yep, we need to keep everything in front of us. This will be the ultimate bend but don’t break test. Once the field compresses on OU, it will be harder for them to score TDs. I’d be happy if they got 500 yards of offense and 5 field goals.


  6. Russ

    Depends. That’s my go to.


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  8. DawgFlan

    I’ve been saying it comes down to our DL. if, and it is a big if, UGA can disrupt OU’s OL with 4 guys consistently enough to leave 5-6 in coverage,
    we will get to see ® and the LBs to show out.

    Of course our offense has to score, but if UGA is within 3-4 by mid-way through the 2nd quarter, and the UGA DL is in control, I think the game starts to look like the 2nd half of the SECCG. Our O physicality and depth can grind down their D, and then look for OU’s offense to press and make mistakes. Our advantages on ST could then swing the momentum further.

    But if UGA’s DL is getting gashed, even if the Offense keeps pace on the scoreboard early, I don’t see how Mayfield and Co. get out of their comfort zone, and it will be UGA straining and losing composure.


    • Otto

      The 1st half is very important, OU will get some points and UGA can not get down by 17. If UGA wins, it will be because both the UGA OL and DL won their battles. UGA needs to sustain drives to limit possessions.

      I would argue that Clemson last year actually managed to wear down the Bama offense more than Bama could wear down Clemson. If Bama had gone back to pro style take 4 minutes off the clock boring RB centered offense they win. If UGA has quick drives it needs to be because one of the RBs broke free.


    • gastr1

      I wouldn’t look for their offense to press and make mistakes. They’ll never be out of it. We might get a nice lead, but they’ll be gunning and gaining to the end, I think.


      • Derek

        Their problem will be that if they are forced to be one dimensional, either due to the scoreboard or our d-line stuffing the run, we’ll be able to give Baker the full compliment of coverages and pressures.

        The checklist for us, in order of importance is:

        Offensive line getting a push and protecting
        Defensive line shutting down everything north and south
        Corners holding their own one on one vs. their wrs.

        The first gives us a chance to score with them. The second makes them one dimensional. The third allows us to compete vs. a pass first offense.

        If we check those off, it won’t be a close ballgame. If we can’t do 1, we’re toast. If we can’t do 2 or 3, we’ll have our hands full all day long.


        • DawgFlan

          Your checklist is probably in the right order, but I feel like our OL matches up well against the OU DL. If our DL does to OU’s OL what they did to Notre Dame, then we will be able to give our corners help.


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