May it please the Court.

This was emailed to me last night and I had to share it with you guys.

EMERGENCY Mtn for Continuance SPCV1700909{1805213.1}

It’s a motion filed in State Court for a continuance so the attorney who filed it can attend the Rose Bowl.  (He filed it because the case is on the trial calendar for January 2nd.)  Read the whole thing; you’ll get a chuckle.

I just hope for his sake the trial judge isn’t a Georgia Tech fan.


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28 responses to “May it please the Court.

  1. Spike

    Motion GRANTED. That’s good cause if I’ve ever seen it!


  2. TnDawg

    Would love to know how this is resolved. Cant see why it wouldn’t be granted.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Pretty funny. We need a follow up to find out if it was granted. Dana Braun was a classmate of mine in law school. Good to know he is an esteemed member of the Chatham Bar.


  4. Tatum

    He misspelled Herschel. Motion denied.


  5. It took me a second to figure out why it wasn’t just a consent continuance until I realized the defendant was pro se. I would have added , “Grant it or not I’m still not gonna be there”. I’d risk a contempt to see this game Priorities.


  6. DoubleDawg9498

    Judge Karph is a UGA Law School graduate. The motion should be granted.


  7. Dawgasaur

    Before anyone else points it out, the caption should read Superior Court, not State Court. Judge Karpf is Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Chatham County. The caption was lifted from a filing in a related case in State Court and obviously the court’s name was not amended. I will be filing a revised motion to correct this error, and any other errors, on Tuesday.


  8. Brandon

    He was a fraternity brother of mine and a good friend. My first thought was what asshole opposing counsel in Savannah wouldn’t agree to a continuance in this situation? Then I saw it was a pro se defendant.


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