“This dog is very calm…”

In case you were wondering, Uga X is making travel plans.


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  1. I was wondering if UGA would appear on the Georgia float in the parade. The article makes it sound like that’s not going to happen.

    I imagine the Seiler Family is getting a lot of requests for appearances in Southern California.

    The closer it gets … the more I wish we were going.


  2. southernlawyer11

    from the moment this pairing came out, all i could think about was watching the Rose Parade in my pajamas with a bloody mary and seeing Uga on a float.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sure Uga will leave something behind as a momento of his visit to the Rose Bowl.


  4. SSB Charley

    America needs UGA on the Rose Bowl sideline.

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    • Brandon

      And I wouldn’t be surprised to see any Georgia politician from either party say something like the dude from Nebraska, there is a long history of pandering/voice of support to a fanbase that makes up a significant portion of that politicians’ electorate, Corrine Brown’s “go gata” and “go Corch Meyers” from the floor of the House and Jack Kingston voting against the resolution congratulating UF on its MNC being 2 recent examples.


  5. J-Dawg

    I think it’s a good bet that UGA will be the star of that entire event.


  6. Cojones

    Yeah, J-Dawg, the way they are reported to be going at it in practice and from Nick Chubb’s Quote of the Day on the right above, I’d say they are practicing as if they won’t ever get this opportunity with the stars aligning correctly again.


  7. Cojones

    Wonder if Que may be singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, bless his heart. Pittman needs to let Lucy ride as an escort for Uga X this trip.


  8. Uglydawg

    Almost 10. Santa’s on his way!….Merry Christmas my friends! And may God bless the Georgia Bull Dawgs, Senator Blutarsky, and everyone who reads GTP and their loved ones.
    And to all you Service People out there, in far away lands and on the high seas……


  9. Cosmic Dawg

    If there is a tradition I would happily abandon, it’s calling every GA Bulldog mascot “Uga”. Surely we can get more creative than “Uga X”. Russ was a nice break.