“I suppose we should start with the SEC, or as some call it, the $EC.”

This is, simply, a tour de force of tin foil hat theorizing.

It’s not that I don’t think there isn’t any cheating going on in the SEC (**cough**Ole Miss**cough**) or other college conferences. Of course there is, and probably will always be.

It’s that his research boils down to stream of consciousness rambling interspersed with a few timely tweets.  I mean, when you can jump to Nick Saban cheats because he owns a car dealership without batting an eye, you’re just a few steps away from offering some new and meaningful insights about the Moon landing or the Kennedy assassination.

I wonder if he knows that Corch used to recruit in the Southeastern Conference once upon a time.  Maybe that’s that’s a discussion for another day, too.



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24 responses to ““I suppose we should start with the SEC, or as some call it, the $EC.”

  1. Just Dawg

    This guy is misinformed, paranoid and jumps to unsubstantiated conclusions on a ‘sovereign citizen’ level.


  2. Bless their poor little Yankee hearts.


  3. Justin

    So apparently Corch is as pure as the driven snow?

    Speaking of snow, why in the world would a kid from NY or IL go to a southern school?



    • sniffer

      I’ll tell ya why. Our girls wear sun dresses spring quarter through June. You can see them smile all year long. They fix their hair and do their makeup.

      Up north, they wear Uggs spring quarter through June. You’re not sure she has good teeth because you’ve never seen her smile. Their hair is always in a ski mask and they’ve sworn off make up because, well, feminism.


    • Gaskilldawg

      In a State where he has family, no less.


  4. AusDawg85

    If his writing reflects a tOSU education, he may have greater concerns in life to confront than football recruiting in the SEC.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    The guy has all the smarts and class of a top notch Stingtalk commenter.


  6. DC Weez

    What a dumbass article! Why doesn’t he look at tOSU. In a state known for great high school football players, tOSU has only 4 out of 21 commitments from Ohio. Why are all those other players going to tOSU? TOSU has the #2 class right now. That’s better than all of the programs he cites with the exception of UGA. Cheating? As much evidence for tOSU as for the other schools.


  7. NCDawg

    But wait, he quoted a 247 poster, so it must be true. Dude, I’m a 247 poster, and I don’t believe me half the time.


  8. Hill Billy Dawg

    The irony is so thick…Tattoo U is the one school not mentioned that WAS caught cheating. Glass houses.


  9. CB

    This article isn’t well written, but you’d have to be pretty naive not to believe there isn’t fire behind all that smoke he pointed out. I fully believe Georgia is now cheating to get these kids, and I don’t care at all. I also think they did it under Richt (at least the boosters did), just not as well (Fred Gibson always had an SUV full of ladies per my sources). These kids deserve every benefit they can squeeze out of the NCAA cartel.

    I think you’d have to be crazy not to believe all these schools are probably cheating. Where else would these cars and last minute no explanation flips be coming from?


    • ScoutDawg

      I didn’t catch your sarcasm button, sorry I missed it. Otherwise I would have just said you were stupid,


      • CB

        Miami, Auburn, USC, Louisville, Ole Miss, SMU, Bama was sanctioned in the 90’s, but I’m the stupid one. Get bent dude.


        • Cousin Eddie

          I don’t think UGA and Kirby cheat, now I am also not naïve enough to think some persons outside the program don’t help out on occasion from time to time. I believe it happens at all schools not named Ole Miss they seem to actually have staff persons to handle it all.
          But what do I know, I have a better chance to get hit by lightening while finding the winning lottery ticket than getting a scholarship or coaching job offer at a real school.


  10. James Stephenson

    Chuck Oliver just stole this post for the radio.

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  11. Argondawg

    FINALLY. We are good enough and recruiting well enough that someone thinks we are cheating. We are moving up everyone


  12. Bob

    Right. Players who live in the snow and cold of New York and Illinois and Washington State and Philadelphia coming to the south is strange and un normal, while players from Georgia and Florida and Texas going to the slush and mush of the Frozen Tundra is perfectly normal. This is beyond laughable, especially coming from a fan of Ohio State, that paragon of virtue (not to mention tattoo gate fame).

    Didn’t Blazevich and Nauta play on the same team and sometimes at the same time? Blazevich is headed out and getting a replacement who said from day one that he wanted to play with Justin Fields is hardly odd.


  13. Sam Johnson

    If I were Saban’s lawyer, I’d sue this idiot for libel – “Saban cheats” – in Tuscaloosa (one of many places the article is “published”). Let this guy explain to a local jury how his article does not reflect “an intentional and reckless disregard for the truth.” That would be fun whatever the outcome.


  14. waterloodawg

    Some people actually believe there’s a moon?

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  15. truck

    If this guy was a tad dumber, I’d swear he was a US Senator.

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  16. rchris

    If we’re cheating, we better not get caught. I don’t wanna move to Olemissville.