“Stetson Bennett’s a beast, man.”

Between Bennett and Fields’ arrival, the G-Day QBR trolling here next year ought to be epic.


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5 responses to ““Stetson Bennett’s a beast, man.”

  1. 83Dawg

    Does this mean that he traveled to the Rose Bowl?

    They were claiming earlier that they didn’t practice for Oklahoma until they got to LA.


  2. Uglydawg

    Cheney should have a special set of plays out of the Wild Dawg formation with Stetson for next year. He’s slippery, makes quick decisions and can throw the ball well.


  3. Greg

    Funny how a few (including me) said that Fromm was a better fit at QB in the early going than the other guy. They got labeled as “trolls”……thinks some do not know what the hell a “troll” even is…..believe their definition is anyone who disagrees with them…..probably need to go back to their ‘John Madden” games.