“That’s up to Lincoln.”

Finally, some Rose Bowl drama.

But that changed here Friday morning when Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield did not attend a previously scheduled media availability for Sooners’ offensive players, an absence attributed to an illness by a school spokesman.

Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy winner and a player who typically relishes the spotlight, has now missed every public appearance, including an arrival news conference Wednesday at Disneyland. While there’s no reason to suspect that Mayfield’s status for the semifinals is in doubt — he has continued to practice this week and was seen on the field during the team’s media viewing window Thursday — the vague nature of the illness, the fact it has now gone on for three days and the preprogrammed answers about it from Oklahoma coaches and players have left enough of a void to be filled with inference and speculation.

He’s playing.


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28 responses to ““That’s up to Lincoln.”

  1. Rusty

    Without a doubt


  2. I have no doubt he’s playing, but will he be able to extend plays with his feet especially if he has been ill? If he’s a statue in the pocket to check Bierce energy, he’ll get introduced quickly to the front 6/7.


  3. If he got caught fondling a minor he would still play.

    I thought maybe he was hungover the other day but I would bet he’s got the flu.


    • Mayor

      But not if he is accused of “sexual assault” by an unnamed woman who says he “made her feel uncomfortable” by looking at her “funny.” Then he would be barred from playing in the game, kicked out of school and summarily stripped of the Heisman trophy.


  4. Ngaholly

    The flu is starting to take off. Hope none of the players get it


    • Jared S.

      The flu as well as the “stomach flu” in all it’s various forms.

      Norovirus or something similar can put a SERIOUS hurting on someone, even worse than real influenza. Yeah, I really hope none of our dudes get something like this over the next 10 days.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    They’re afraid he’ll say something stupid.


  6. nashvegasdawg

    /Ron Howard voice.


  7. Jack Burton

    He’s pulling the classic Michael Jordan sick hero BS.

    Unfortunately for him, Roquan and JR don’t play for the Sonics or Jazz.


  8. Otto

    I’d love to know too. Illness didn’t help Joe Cox and his flight on a UGA flight to make it to play Okie Light just in time.

    He will play but fighting the flu possible dehydration won’t help the Sooners.


  9. JCDAWG83

    Stage 2 syphilis a possibility.

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  10. Brandon

    They are trying to pull an “El Cid” stratagem on us. He’s playing.


  11. Brandon

    This is excellent built in Dawggrading material for the WWL though if we win.


    • Macallanlover

      If OU loses, it will not be Mayfield’s fault, regardless of what ESPN says. The kid is a fighter and will get his points whether at 100%, or 90%. He deserves the accolades as the best performing QB in CFB, but I am not sure their team is better, top to bottom, than UGA. This simplifying CFB down to the one sexiest name is a WWL thingy. Game is much more complex than the 12 year old minds that occupy their audience.


  12. ChiliDawg

    Seems to me like Oklahoma has been engaged in the manufacturing of a lot of fake juice in the lead-up to this one. From griping about how they feel disrespected about being underdogs (theyre not) to Baker being on his death bed. I think it’s all drama and theater.


    • ChiliDawg

      Plus what a perfect media fluff piece. It Oklahoma loses its “Baker wasn’t 100%” and if they win it’s “Baker wasn’t even 100%!”