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“Senator, Georgia is playing in the national semi-finals. What are you going to do next?”

I’m going to the Rose Bowl!

Jeez, how surreal to type that… In a season full of pinch me moments, today may very well be the pinchiest of them all.

Posting, as you no doubt can guess, will be sporadic for the next few days.  I just hope it’s equally euphoric when the dust settles.

In the meantime, you guys know the drill.  Behave, you scamps.



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The Rose Bowl, a study in contrasts

It’s not just the epic great offense versus great defense aspect — it’s balanced versus unbalanced.

Among this year’s four playoff teams, three are extraordinarily balanced: Alabama, Georgia and Clemson each rank among the nation’s top 10 in efficiency on both offense and defense.1

Oklahoma, on the other hand, is a study in imbalance.

Not only do the Sooners have the best offense of 2017, but the difference between their offensive efficiency and the second-ranked offenses (Alabama and Oklahoma State) is about the same as the difference between No. 2 and No. 10 Central Florida’s. Since the playoff started four seasons ago, the only offense remotely close to being as efficient as Oklahoma’s belonged to Oregon in 2014 — and the Ducks weren’t really that close to the Sooners.

At the same time, the Oklahoma defense is easily the worst of any playoff team. The Sooners allowed 25 points and nearly 385 yards of total offense per game this season. They rank 59th in the country in defensive efficiency. It’s safe to say that Oklahoma has the most one-dimensional profile of any team to ever make the College Football Playoff.

Does that matter?  Well, maybe.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the Sooners are primed for a playoff letdown. Oklahoma has the best quarterback in the country (Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield) and a host of other weapons that can make opposing defenses pay. Their stat sheet could give any defensive coordinator a heart attack. (This is, after all, a team that surpassed 600 yards of total offense in more than half of its games!)

But it’s also worth noting that in three years of playoff action, the more efficient defense won 67 percent of its games, while the superior offense won only 56 percent. Even if those numbers are skewed by Alabama’s success as a defensive juggernaut, the Tide have won with defense for a reason. Oklahoma will have to buck that trend if they want to prove that a great offense can win, too.

I think the conclusion hits directly at what Oklahoma wants to happen and what Georgia wants to avoid.

… But perhaps Oklahoma’s best chance against the Bulldogs is to use its dominating offense to jump out to an early lead, then hope its defense can force Fromm into freshman mistakes while playing from behind. Between Georgia’s impressive balance and Oklahoma’s shaky defense, however, that might be a task easier said than done.

From your lips, brother.  From your lips…


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Today, in we get the politicians we deserve

Honestly, you can’t make this shit up.

A Washington Post column about Republican attitudes toward colleges on Friday includes an anecdote about Louisiana state legislators allegedly threatening funding for LSU if any player took part in the “take a knee” protests during the national anthem…

In the column, which ran under the headline “Why do so many Republicans hate college?,” writer Catherine Rampell describes a dinner in New York last month that “about a dozen” college presidents attended. Rampell introduces the LSU anecdote as an example of “showdowns with peacocking, publicity-stunting politicians.”

She writes: “A group of Louisiana legislators recently threatened to further slash public higher-ed appropriations — already down 43 percent per student since 2008 — if any student football players took a knee during the national anthem, according to Louisiana State University President F. King Alexander. (The threat was withdrawn after Alexander reminded lawmakers that LSU players traditionally remain in the locker room during the anthem.)”  [Emphasis added.]

I guess they’re too busy before the game getting liquored up in the club level to notice.


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