Bowl season hot takes are the best hot takes.

Don’t get me wrong; I love ’em all.  But is there anything dumber than making sweeping pronouncements about a team or a conference based on a glorified exhibition game?


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  1. Any of the playoff teams would have beaten Ohio State and Wisconsin like a rented mule. Sam Darnold is a turnover machine, and Miami is still dealing with the talent deficit left over from the Golden era (and they couldn’t cover Wisconsin’s slow as molasses receivers).

    You knew that SEC crew would find a way to screw CMR. That non-holding call that sent Mark over the edge was absolutely awful.

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    • Yurdle

      True, but 2007 was still worth it.

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    • Dawg in Lutz

      If Miami would have continued to pitch and run it to the edges, Wis wouldn’t have stopped them. they kept trying to run up the middle with no success. they needed to make Wis cover the entire field. the Miami QB had some stretches where he was terrible too.


      • I totally agree – Rosier played like he did all season … excellent in stretches and awful in stretches.


        • 83Dawg

          I watched most of most of the Miami games this year.

          I agree.

          Miami was using smoke and mirrors, and doing well at it, then lost their #1 tailback, #1 receiver, and a very important tight end.

          Miami has some huge talent deficits at certain positions to fill, but the recruiting trend seems to be up.

          I am a member (so to speak) on a Miami board, and they are strangely angry that a program that had been irrelevant for years lost a punch-out with top-10 Wisconsin team in the Orange Bowl.

          If Diaz ever gets a defensive back that knows how to turn his head, or Miami gets a good QB, they win that game.


          • part of the Miami board is ready to fire the entire coaching staff and start all over. Welcome to instant gratification.
            Also, note if UGA has a down season, after this spectacular season, there will be the same on UGA boards. Some people just like to be pissed off.
            I think Miami did a very good job this year and over achieved. There is a dearth of talent in some positions.


    • PTC DAWG

      Richt should have been ejected.

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    • TXBaller

      SEC crew screws Richt = LMAO!!

      Terrible defense, terrible QB play, terrible OC (yours truly) play calling – 1st & goal late & choked down – lost that game for Richt. Mia getting a good dose of coulda/shoulda…wait til next year.

      FWIW, Charlie Brown should have been tossed for his classless rant!

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      • Charles

        You forgot to end that with a “PAWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL!!!!!”


        • Macallanlover

          That guy certainly qualifies for membership in the FBomb group of regulars. Just a lot of continual, hateful blabber and at the low end of the fan base, that group of 5%ers at the bottom.

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          • AthensHomerDawg

            After so much posting during the Richt controversy especially the last few months of the CMR tenure, I can honestly say I see the value of readers having both opinions at their disposal. But I know that when I look back at both the RIchtophobes and the ProRicht posts on this blog, he came across as one of the bigger pricks posting during that unfortunate period. I see he hasn’t lost his touch.

            On another note Happy New Year GTPersI Always fun to come in here and read posts by your familiar blog monikers.

            “A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.”


          • TXBaller

            Two bootlickers at their best….always defending the “Almost”….mediocrity will always serve you two well….defending the underwhelming, selling ice cream on Chase Street and bad betting by a bad scotch drinker. Mac, you had Mia +7 for $50 and it kills you son…..


  2. Yurdle

    Of course there isn’t, except when it serves my narrative purposes. Then it’s called insightful analysis. #espn’d


  3. Need more political posts. Only thing anyone around here cares about.


  4. JasonC

    You mean like the Big10 is awesome but the PAC12 sucks?


  5. Macallanlover

    Bowls were always the worst measuring stick, imo, but it has become even more so this decade. First, the number of coaching changes (head coach and other staff) prior to bowl games has accelerated. Secondly, the playoffs have changed the way any of the other bowls are perceived so the importance, always questioned before, has been diminished even more. Thirdly, some teams are missing key players as they sit out to avoid injury prior to the NFL draft, some others just go through the motions and dodge serious contact hits.

    Next, the bowl which used to be a reward to a warm location for a good season, now is available is over 80 teams, many who didn’t even have a winning record, and it might be to Detroit, NYC, Boise, etc. Lastly, coaches’ attitudes toward an exhibition game vary widely as some use it to launch momentum to jump start the next season and improve their pre-season ranking. Others have gotten their extra practice time they wanted in and really do not care if their players take a lackadaisical approach in the game. They recklessly take chances on multiple trick plays and going for it on 4th and 8 on their side of the field.

    In other words, don’t judge conference strength on bowl season results, and don’t bet serious money on a bowl game unless you really know how much it means to each team/coach.


  6. Dave

    It’s pretty silly, but it happens every year.

    Having said that, it did my heart good to see MSU, sans starting QB and much of its coaching staff, beat Louisville yesterday.

    Hoping LSU wins. It’s just as well if I don’t have to listen to people saying the SEC is 0 and whatever leading up to the Rose Bowl.



    2 more wins, that’s all I care about!

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  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is there supposed to be a link there?


  9. Busta

    None of the bowl games matter beside the obvious, had a lot of Big fans/friends post comments of their bow dominance…I just replied “None of them played in the bowl games that mattered though” in which they sadly agreed.

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  10. TMC DAWG

    Where is our officiating crew coming from? A game this big should have the best crew out there! But I sometime wonder if there’s any.


  11. ChiliDawg

    Well we knew this was coming. You knew they were going to make a big deal out of the games the big ten teams won that they were favored in anyway


    • dawgtired

      Not to take anything away from the B10, they have beat some good PAC12 teams, but don’t forget, the B10 being left out of the top 4 allowed their top teams to play in ‘lesser’ bowls. They miss playing the best out of the ACC, SEC and B12. I believe the B10 is improving and that the SEC is down, but it’s not THAT big a deal. The SEC will hold it’s own.


      • ChiliDawg

        Nobody was surprised that Ohio State beat USC. That’s why they were ranked where they were. Same goes for PSU and Washington. And Wisconsin and Miami. They performed exactly as we thought they would. I think it’s a joke these pundits are trying to act like the results prove something.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    I agree. However, …

    Conference bowl records can have a significant impact on conference perception. And as much as some may hate to admit it, conference perception is important. If it ever comes down to a coin-flip choice between UGA and some non-SEC team for that last spot in the CFP, the perceived superiority of the SEC could very well be the thing that tips the scales in our favor. This is why every year during bowl season (not so much during the regular season) I become the world’s biggest SEC homer. Not because I actually give a damn about other teams in the conference, but because, ultimately, it’s better for us.

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  13. Mayor

    Happy New Year Senator and everyone here at GTP!!