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There are no words.

I’ve finally seen a greater game than 1980 UGA-UF.


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It’s rubber meets the road time.

We’re heading out in a few minutes to get to the Rose Bowl, park and go see the Parade.  I think there’s a game after that we’re going to, as well.

Anyway, I think this Rose Bowl has all the makings of a classic.  I expect both teams to move the ball.  I think Oklahoma is going to do what it can to shock and awe Georgia early on, in hopes of building a big enough lead to force the Dawgs out of their game plan and play chase all day.

The key for me is Georgia avoiding losing its composure, as it did at Auburn.  If the team can play disciplined ball for 60 minutes, it’s good enough to beat anyone.

It’s hard not to be excited, no?

Consider this your game day thread.  I’ll try to touch base later on.



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“Everybody — the fan base, the team, the coaches, the whole state — thinks it’s time…”

It’s time to exorcise a few demons, Dawgs.

It has been 37 years since people in Athens celebrated the Bulldogs’ only national title. Seven Ugas — the school’s pugnacious mascot — have come and gone in that time. Since Georgia entered the Sugar Bowl ranked No. 1 and lost to No. 2 Penn State, 35 years have passed. That’s 245 in dog years.

“That’s crazy, I didn’t even think about it like that,” Georgia defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter said. “That puts it all in perspective. It has been a while.”

No shit.

I’m tired of the near misses.  I’m tired of the building towards next year, only to see a major flop.  I’m tired of things getting fixed,  only to see new holes open up.

I’m tired of five yards short.

Get ‘er done, fellas.


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“Kirby took it from a Mustang, and turned it into a Ferrari.”

He’s not perfect, but one thing I can say about Kirby Smart without reservation is that nobody’s gonna outwork him on the recruiting trail.


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