“Kirby took it from a Mustang, and turned it into a Ferrari.”

He’s not perfect, but one thing I can say about Kirby Smart without reservation is that nobody’s gonna outwork him on the recruiting trail.


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  1. Aladawg

    I’ve always said just tell me what you need. ALWAYS huh! What a smog son of a gun. Go Kirby, kick McGoofys ass.


  2. Vidalia Way

    Don’t know the outcome of today but I do know this, what a hell of a year. Glad to have experienced it with you guys. Hope to be posting the same note in a week. Go Dawgs!


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, don’t be leading with your parting shot…we have another week to go on this ride. Not guaranteeing anything for tonight, I respect the opponent, just give us a slight edge. Why would we have been given this fantasy season if it doesn’t lead to something great at the end? We may be the best overall team in this 4 team playoff, but we will have to execute fully to win either game. I believe in this team, and think we pull this one out, but it will take all four quarters in a back and forth.


  3. willypmd

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kirby was the secret to Saban’s recruiting success. The reign of terror is over


  4. I sure hope the title is wrong because a Ferrari stays broke down more than it runs,


  5. I knew he was a good recruiter but didn’t know he was this good.
    Laughable that some argued on here that recruiting wouldn’t be any better than previous staff.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    I would have thought given the demographics of this blog I wouldnt be the only one to think of this.

    I prefer:
    “Kirby took it from a Mustang, and turned it into a Shelby GT”

    “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans.”
    “Here’s an excerpt from Baime’s book that picks up from the day Shelby American assumed responsibility for building Ford’s racing sports cars, just about one year out from the company’s 1-2-3 victory upset at Le Mans:”


    • MLB2

      The Corvette Z06 is faster than the Ferrari since you thread jacked. 😉
      I only buy Ford since 2007 because of the others stealing taxpayer money. I have several classics of all 3 Detroit makes in my collection though.
      I saw your post about retirement the other day. My suggestions are restore an old pickup, take up striper fishing and perfect your shooting skills. All of these are even more enjoyable when done with grandchildren. Best wishes and Happy New Year old GTP buddy.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    “Smart laid out his vision for Georgia recruiting to … Greg McGarity during his interview.”

    Yes, Kirby explained the approach in great detail. All Greg Mediocrity was thinking the whole time was ‘when is this gonna be over so I can get back to my nap’.

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  8. Athens Townie

    Hardcore Richt loyalists — or what remains of them — always bash this position, … but I’ll keep saying it: An extremely important part of the head coach’s job is to lobby for, demand, and obtain what your program needs to be successful from AD/admin. People always chalk this up to Mark being a nice guy. I don’t buy that. He also just wasn’t tenacious and forward thinking enough.

    What a difference. Go Dawgs!