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“We got a little nap in and back to work today.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Georgia has this problem, but Kirby having to deal with the emotions spent winning the Rose Bowl as he gets the team ready for the Sabanator is a concern of mine.

“A very emotional game last night, which concerns me, and talked to the players immediately afterwards about not burning any more energy or emotion on that game and moving on,” Smart said.

Human nature would suggest that’s easier said than done.  But I wouldn’t bet against Kirby’s preparation skills at this point.



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“So Georgia came back? SEC Championship…”

Here’s a really nice piece about what Georgia finally getting another crack at a national championship means to some of us.

I thought I knew college football: I had come from Texas after growing up in the Midwest in what was then Big 8 Country. The man who would teach me most of what I know in journalism, however, showed me everything that was important about football in the South.

Plott Brice was an Atlanta native and a Georgia graduate who liked to say that he “learned to read on my granddaddy’s knee by turning the pages of the AJC.” He was a voracious reader, an accomplished bluegrass musician and an expert of all things newspapering. He handled hot type, laid out pages, covered Wimbledon and, as national editor, dispatched young reporters on ambitious assignments from Cuba and Romania to South Africa and the Soviet Union.

On Saturdays, however, Brice’s heart and soul belonged to the Georgia Bulldogs. There was nothing more sacred to him than the 60-mile pilgrimage to Sanford Stadium in Athens to watch the Dawgs do battle “between the hedges,” a nod to the privet hedges that have surrounded the field there since 1929.

Brice shared each game day with his wife and sisters and Larry Munson, the voice of Georgia football for over 40 years and a homer’s homer if there ever was one. Brice wore a transistor in his ear when he went to games and tuned his stereo to Munson when he was watching at home.

He had a tape of Munson’s most famous call, a 92-yard touchdown reception from the cinematically named quarterback Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott that beat Florida and kept Georgia’s 1980 national title drive alive. Years later, he still could recite it word for word.

A lot of us can.  Boy, do I wish Larry were still around to call what went down yesterday.


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“… For him, I think the sky’s the limit.”

Say what you will about Baker Mayfield, he sure was gracious in defeat.

Baker Mayfield was incredibly complimentary of Georgia QB Jake Fromm after the Rose Bowl: “A true freshman that led his team to a playoff victory. You don’t typically see that. He’s an incredible player. You can tell he commands his offense and he has the respect of his teammates. For me, that’s about the greatest character trait you could have.

I’m glad he had the opportunity, because somewhere in the second quarter, I thought he was going to run Georgia out of Pasadena all by himself.


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Best seat in the house

The best thing about this play…

… was that Sony ran right towards where I was sitting in the end zone.


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“We finally get a chance to play for something big.”

Of all the things I reflect on this morning in the wake of an unbelievable game, the one I keep coming back to the most is the decision of the four seniors who skipped jumping early to the NFL and came back for one last shot at collegiate glory.

It’s a decision that’s paid off in spades, but what must have been going through their heads when the made the call!

“We had to come back for this,” Carter said. “We couldn’t leave this team behind.”

Good move.


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