“… For him, I think the sky’s the limit.”

Say what you will about Baker Mayfield, he sure was gracious in defeat.

Baker Mayfield was incredibly complimentary of Georgia QB Jake Fromm after the Rose Bowl: “A true freshman that led his team to a playoff victory. You don’t typically see that. He’s an incredible player. You can tell he commands his offense and he has the respect of his teammates. For me, that’s about the greatest character trait you could have.

I’m glad he had the opportunity, because somewhere in the second quarter, I thought he was going to run Georgia out of Pasadena all by himself.


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  1. Tim in Sav

    He’s still an arrogant little prick

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  2. Granthams replacement

    He displayed a lot of Tebow antics last night, the best of which was crying because he lost .


  3. Full Cup

    I wish he was more gracious all the rest of the time. The guy has more talent in his pinky finger (etc. etc.,) but he makes it really difficult to like him otherwise. I was ready to give him a real chance, but he dialed up the antics again.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Was he really sick or did OU hold him out of all the extra stuff so he wouldn’t say something to get the UGA defense something to rally around. The guy is a great competitor and talent but a little on the immature side, or at least to this old man.


  5. AusDawg85

    …somewhere in the second quarter, I thought he was going to run Georgia out of Pasadena all by himself.

    I believe that it was when he was hopping, galloping and waving his arms. Or maybe the throat slash. Either way…loved the tears.


    • AusDawg85

      And LOL…Austin TV sports are leading with (too paraphrase), “…thank goodness Austin area’s own BM lost so we don’t have to suffer that indignity. We just have to put up with the annoyance of an all SEC Championship game.”

      Haha…that’s awesome!


  6. JIm

    Notwithstanding that comment about Fromm, “Bake” is a Grade A Tool.

    Watch the OU post game Presser. He looked bothered to be there. Was talking on his phone and texting during the whole thing. Came across as incredibly immature and arrogant.

    I’m glad he lost his last game in excruciating fashion. Maybe would have been better if he had thrown a pick to end it, but seeing his coach neuter him with the play calling late in 4Q and OT was pretty satisfying.

    If we ever have a fifth year senior carry himself that way I hope Kirby would put his ass in the bench. Now get off my lawn.


  7. Raleighwood Dawg

    He’s a great talent. Too bad he thinks so highly of himself. I’ve never liked his type. Tiny tears 🙂

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  8. ApalachDawg

    The only way this type of victory over that D-bag was if Irvin Meyers was his Corch. They deserve each other.
    Lincoln Riley seems like he has some class about him.


    • ApalachDawg

      Let me try this again…

      The only way this type of victory over that D-bag would have been a little sweeter would be if Irvin Meyers was his coach.


  9. Full Cup

    Rodney Anderson isn’t getting enough credit for OU. That dude was slippery, and I thought he was the best player for OU until he got dinged up a bit later in the game.


  10. Normaltown Mike

    I’m not buying his Eddie Haskell schtick in losing. When he’s winning he’s a hot dog and taunting opponents. Tebow was annoying but he never stuck his thumb in the eye of an opponent. Mayfield is all piss and vinegar in victory and then a lamb among lions in defeat.

    I could be wrong (maybe it’s an audible when OU is going hurry-up?) but he seemed to do a sort of “little baby/wipe your tears” taunt after several plays last nite.


    • Sanford222view

      That was a formation call or something I think because I saw coaches on the sideline for OU making the same signal. They also use the Manziel “cash money” fingers as a signal as well which can be misconstrued as taunting. It was by a few in our viewing group.


  11. addr

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I’ve always liked Baker Mayfield. Yes, he can act like an arrogant douche with his in game antics, but in all his off field interviews (such as this one) he seems like a genuinely good guy who lives for football and is loved by his teammates.

    But then again, I’m of the mind that the media and fans are way too critical of these kids when they inevitably do the same immature shit that regular college kids do. Yeah I know, they are representing the school, accountable to their team, etc, etc… Maybe it’s the old romantic in me who misses the days when these guys were really student athletes instead of future NFLers in training.


  12. CPark58

    In 20 years he’ll be an innovative offensive coach who will light up the scoreboard, smirk while he does it and either talk shit or tip his cap afterwards. Smug, Heisman trophy winner, loved by a small group of fans, hated by the rest, denied from glory as a player by UGA and bound to wash out of the pros….Baker Mayfield is Steve Spurrier


  13. The other Doug

    Their offense is something. It’s the Letherman of CFB. Something for every situation. Riley also did an excellent job calling plays. I was impressed.

    Their defense sucks though.


  14. Yurdle

    /rant engaged

    Great player. Not just good—great. Fierce competitor, too. He made the tackle on Dom Sanders after the pick and after getting blocked by Davis. No quit, no excuses, and he seems to play with darn near no limits, despite his limited measurables. He’s a walk-on with a chip on his shoulder and yet a master’s appreciation for the finer points of QB play. He clearly listens to his coaches.

    Also, a jerk who needs to understand that greatness does not require all that BS. He’s weaker and worse for it.

    Compare him with Chubb. Mayfield is running around swinging his arms and throat slashing after scoring first-half TDs. Chubb, after scoring to tie the game with 0:55 left, hands the ball to the ref, hugs a couple guys, and gets back to work. Chubb is a man in a way that makes Mayfield look pathetically boyish. It’s not that Chubb lacks enthusiasm, it’s that he adds self-control to it. And maybe a little humility.

    /end rant


    • CPark58

      In the words of Chubb himself, “You ever seen a Lamborghini commercial. don’t gotta advertise.”

      Nick Chubb’s lack of media attention is criminal. Saquan Barkley doesn’t hold a candle to Chubb or Sony but he gets hyped up all year. It’s true that UGA is RB U but you plug #27 in with any other team and he is a legend and at the very least in New York for the Heisman Ceremony.

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      • Mayor

        Yeah, I am royally pissed off that Chubb didn’t even get a mention about the Heisman when to me he is a better back than Barkley from State Penn who the media tried its best to sell as the Heisman winner. Personally, I’m sick and tired of the Micky Mouse media (pun intended) and its Northeast and North Central agenda. You can’t even have an honest award for playing football in this country any more without those assholes trying to influence the outcome to get their favorite the award.


  15. AusDawg85

    Great player, Heisman, blah, blah, blah. Here’s why he’s not NFL material. Too small, and when a pocket collapses, so does he. That scrambling ability is when there is a clear opening to one side or the other (lack of containment). You can see this in their tOSU game…amazing ability to see the field, look off DB’s and throw on the run in space, but not from the pocket. NFL has too much discipline. (So happy that seemed to be the big halftime adjustment we made…our DL did a fantastic job of collapsing the pocket.) He doesn’t have Cam Newton’s size or strength to absorb the hits. Will be interesting to see what happens in the draft.

    I hope he goes to the Giants….


  16. I have no problem with Mayfield. He’s a great player and because of him we saw one of, if not the, greatest game in college football history. Let’s show a little grace in victory. I guess some of you guys never saw Joe Namath play. You would have really had a hissy fit. Even Davin, after giving Mayfield some shit, said: “I carry myself the same way”.


  17. Busta

    The Spurrier comparison was spot on and totally see that. I personally have respect for Mayfield as a whole, so glad he didn’t get to plant any flags or clown us after the game though. Anderson does deserve a ton of credit because he’s actually the one who had the breakout game. Mayfield’s numbers were worse than Lock’s (Mizz) and below his averages by a decent bit. His performance as a QB in this game was bout evenly matched with Fromm’s imo. He’s still one bad ass college QB who lived up to his billing, ask the defense what they think about em because they spent most of the 1st half jus watching him instead of attacking. Mayfield got it right after the defeat, we can say what we want because we won. Now it’s time to humble some Bama fans and that dreadful offense…but remain humble ourselves.


  18. CB

    From was huge on the last touchdown drive in regulation. That didn’t really register in the moment because of ESPN’s shitty app lagging.