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Second random thought waiting for a plane in San Diego

So, with all the talk about how UCF’s win over a disinterested Auburn team — sincere congrats on a remarkable season, by the way — validates the argument that they got screwed by the selection committee and deserved to be placed in the playoffs, I’ve got a couple of questions.

First, was the selection committee supposed to know in advance how the Peach Bowl would play out?

Second, if beating Auburn is the benchmark for getting your ticket to the CFP punched — the Knights didn’t lose to Auburn, unlike Alabama and Georgia, doncha know — where does the inconvenient fact that the Dawgs beat Auburn far more convincingly in the SECCG fit into that narrative?

It’s not that I have anything against UCF. It’s that I’m already hearing this bullshit being raised as grounds for playoff expansion. Just stop.



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First random thought waiting for a plane in San Diego

Considering who’s recruited whom, who’s coached whom, who’s coached with whom and who’s going to be coaching with whom, the post-game on the field meeting between the teams after the national championship game ought to be interesting to watch.


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