Coaches Film Room haz a crayon.

Well, now

Coaches Film Room Returns with Limited Commercial Breaks
After making its first College Football Playoff Semifinals debut, the popular Coaches Film Room (ESPNEWS) returns to the CFP National Championship MegaCast. Mike Bobo (Colorado State), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) and Kevin Sumlin are among the coaches participating. Additional coaches will be added throughout the weekend.  [Emphasis added.]

That should make for some interesting informed commentary in a number of ways.



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  1. cali_dawg

    Bobo was a guest on the latest episode of Punt and Pass, Aaron Murray and Drew Butler’s excellent podcast I highly recommend. He had some good insights. I never knew how thick his southern drawl was.


  2. Bard Parker

    Hope Kiffin is one of the “additional coaches”


  3. Prosticutor

    I have to admit I enjoyed the little bit of that show I watched during the semi’s. Gary Patterson was the obvious patriarch at the table, but Bret Bielema cramming pizza in his mouth for 2 straight hours was still the highlight of the night.

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    • Jim

      I recorded it and watched it when I got back from Pasadena.

      At first I thought Patterson was pretty sharp. Then I just decided he was a loudmouth know it all.

      And as I looked at a bunch of 2nd/3rd tier coaches on the show the thought occurred to me that it is borderline criminal these guys get paid what they do.

      I swear if you gave me 12 months to focus on it I could get up to speed and be a better football coach than half those guys.

      Dana Holgerson? Really? Bert’s buyout was how much again?

      It’s incredible



    For you streamers, Espn3 will have Scott Howard and Crew synched up with the game….


    • Tim in Sav

      Mike Bobo, damn good dawg, and as an aside, Senator, although you and I spar sometimes I really appreciate your efforts in putting the finest Blog in the sports universe together. I know it takes a lot of time and effort.


    • Howard needs to be the next casualty of Kirby’s process. Not kidding. We need a pro in the radio booth. He is far from being that.

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      • CPark58

        Scott Howard has the toughest job in the world, hands down, and does a fair job at it.

        Not only is he practicing an ancient and outdated art in a time when the actual game picture can be found in 5 seconds on a phone but also has to follow the greatest to ever do what he does, not just at UGA but anywhere. No one has ever or will ever paint the picture and be audience’s “guy” like Larry Munson. “The G.O.A.T.” gets thrown around a lot in reference to a lot of people but Larry Munson transcended generations of Georgia Bulldogs with a familiarity and reverence one typically holds for a grandfather.

        Scott Howard certainly isn’t Larry but he does the best he can and pulls for the Dawgs just like us and that ain’t bad.


        • dawgtired

          The best thing about Munson was that he didn’t TRY to entertain us. He was just himself and it was gold.

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        • ChiliDawg

          I don’t compare him to Munson, I just don’t think he’s very good.


        • Brandon

          I think Scott’s voice is fine, he’s a Homer, which is what you want out of your radio guy. He’s a DGD, he’s not Munson but who is? That last season or two even Munson needed to go.


      • PTC DAWG

        I disagree, carry on.


  5. Dawg151

    Nah…I’m just waiting for that telecast featuring Dan LeBatard and Stugotz.

    Said no one. Ever.


  6. Cojones

    Yea! A knowledgeable and well-spoken ESPN analyst will cover Georgia for that game.

    In addition, she’s beautiful too!


  7. OT, does anyone know if they are going to give us a hard ticket when we go in the game?


  8. Russ

    Now they’re just trolling us!

    I’ll have to flip over and see what’s what. BTW, is there a replay online of some of the alternate coverage of the Rose Bowl? I’d like to hear what some of the others were saying.


  9. Redhotchilidawg

    I actually enjoyed the coaches film room replay. Interesting to see them break down what the different formations and motion are trying to accomplish. Couple of them called Sony’s Tod before he even turned the corner.