Comrades in arms

From Roll Bama Roll’s Q&A with Dawg Sports’ Macondawg comes this amusing exchange:

7. It’s pretty funny that Auburn has to watch this game, isn’t it?

It’s freaking hilarious. I think we can all agree on that one.

It’s really been a great season, hasn’t it?



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10 responses to “Comrades in arms

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I find Roll Bama Roll to be a pretty obnoxious site, and nothing in their questions leads to draw any other conclusions. Though I do agree it’s hilarious that Auburn fans are having to watch this game. I think it’s even funnier that the program saddled itself with a larger buyout whenever they get around to firing Malzahn.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Roll Bama Roll commenters, and some of the writers, are pretty well marinated in hubris, but I kind of expected that.


  2. Spike

    Win or lose Monday, for this ole Dawgs it’s been one for the ages..


  3. dawgfan

    Can you imagine us beating Florida and Auburn in the regular season then watching them play for the natty in Atlanta? What a nightmare.


  4. Sports Fan

    Right after we won the SECCG, I saw this comment on r/CFB from an Auburn fan:

    To beat both of your traditional rivals in the same season only to, in all likelihood, see them both advance to the playoffs while you sit at home is proof that God isn’t real, death is inevitable, and nothing in this life really matters.

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  5. Busta

    It was almost pretty funny for UToothless for a minute too, but they’re salivating now (future coaches on both teams incoming). They’ll take a small victory with Pruitt if we were to lose, but when when he loses, “he couldn’t even beat the Dawgs with Alabama’s squad”…how’s he gonna do it with Ut players??? Man, here comes a victory on more levels than one!


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Awburn fans are still basking in their big Peach Bowl victory. Oh wait..


    • Bulldog Joe

      Auburn got its revenge by taking the People’s National Championship away and handing it to UCF.

      Auburn and UCF. Comrades in Arms.