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Today, in nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Revel in the convenient fiction of politicians at the Rose Bowl who believe they “attended the game at the invitation of the University of Georgia with the understanding that no taxpayer funds were expended.”


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Getting to the game PSA

At the risk of setting off another moronic political stampede, for those of you driving to the game Monday night, here’s the APD’s current list of street and lane closures around MBS.


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The Rose Bowl, a study in GATA

Georgia hammered Oklahoma’s defense all day and turned the game in the second half when its defense attacked Mayfield.

As the clips in Boyd’s post indicate, there was ferocious blocking by Georgia’s offense — not just the line’s, but also from the tight ends and the wideouts.  Check out Tyler Simmons’ work on this run:

There were Oklahoma defenders being pancaked on almost every play from scrimmage.  Don’t try to tell me that didn’t wear them down at the end, when even Jake Fromm was an effective blocker.

Meanwhile, defensively, it seemed like Georgia’s defense flicked on a massive switch in the third quarter that Oklahoma had no answer for.  As Connolly put it,

An Oklahoma line that had given up just 30 total pressures all season suddenly looked clueless. The players were thinking, not playing on instincts. Basic four-man loops and stunts got home:

Georgia was more physical than Oklahoma and in the end, that was the difference on the day.


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I got ‘yer National Championship Media Guide right here.

Hard to believe this is a thing…

… but here it is in all its electronic glory.


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Let’s go crazy.

This is what thirty seconds of bliss looks like.


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