Kirby ain’t played ‘Bama, PAWWWLLL.

I can’t believe he actually went there.


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  1. But it’s the truth! They haven’t looked as dominant as they usually do.


  2. willypmd

    One thing I do enjoy about Kirby’s press conferences is his straight forward answers. He somehow sidesteps questioning without looking like a angry blowhard (Saban) or an arrogant prick (Meyer). Maybe it’s just because he’s “our guy” but I think he handles the press as well as you can…


  3. heyberto

    I think this will still be our toughest test yet. Can we win? Sure! Will we? I like out chances… but we can certainly lose it.


    • gastr1

      If we win, I look eagerly forward to finally not being sold short. We’ll have run the damn gauntlet once and for all this year.


  4. JCDAWG83

    That probably wasn’t the best thing to say.


  5. Derek

    Given that the most dangerous dynamic in this game is that we come in wide eyed and lay down like we did at auburn, this is a good psychological tactic.

    You want both teams coming out rabid. You want CKS to convince our guys we are the better team. Treat it like a game in October. It’s just business. Process them like they’re Tennessee. All the advantages accrue to us if we can just keep it at least close into the second half.

    What we can have is a flat start like we had in pasedena or at auburn. This defense is too good to play catch up against.

    We have to go full Namath here: Tired of hearing about alabama all the time. They’re yesterday. We’re what’s happening now. We’re gonna win the damn game.

    Or Ali: We’re gonna show you how great we are! Saban- the man’s in trouble! I know you all got the man picked. But i say he’s in trouble!

    “Rope a dope” a thin team and then knock they azz out!!

    “Georgia bomaye! Georgia bomaye!”

    I can’t wait another 50 something hours and a thousand minutes and a billion seconds!!!! I just can’t.


    • Debby Balcer

      The tweet was definetly taken out of context. Praise for the conference as a whole turned into a dig at Bama. Thanks for the clip.


  6. Mike Cooley

    Dang Derek. My time on here is split between wanting to do a double leg take down on you (kidding mostly) and wanting to buy you a beer. I like the way you are thinking. Let’s don’t be timid about this. Kick their front door in and go take what’s ours.


    • Derek

      Just keep in mind that to me, this is MUCH bigger than any presidential election.

      As Lewis said: This one is forever! I’ve been waiting a very long time for this moment.

      Providence has once again put the nations premier football program in our path with a kid fresh out of high school leading us. 55 hours…

      Fuck Bama, fuck trump, fuck politics, fuck my vocal cords and my Amex balance and fuck any and everything that ain’t GEORGIA.

      The biggest fucking game day ever is near.


  7. Spike

    At least most of the free world is rooting for us. So we got that going for us,


  8. Jared S.

    “Boom, Muthaf¥€#$rs!!!!!!!


  9. Go Dawgs!

    The guy also tweeted a link to an article with video of Kirby’s comment. Taken WAY out of context in order to have a bulletin board quote .That’s some pretty shady stuff from


  10. Cojones

    If Kirby wins, that will be two NCs in 3 yrs at two schools. Has that feat occurred before?


  11. ApalachDawg

    Who gives a damn! Just win dammit