SOD is back, baby.

Let’s see… Georgia is playing for the national championship, Phil Fulmer hath arisen in Knoxville, Les Miles is out shopping himself and Hugh Freeze as a package to gullible ADs, broke LSU is handing out money to Coach O’s assistants like it’s candy… and now this.

Thanks, football gods.  I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this bounty, but you have my undying gratitude.


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10 responses to “SOD is back, baby.

  1. I would think the arrival of SOD means the departure of Drew Lock … I’ll take it


  2. Spike

    But the showering and bathing lessons will be something to behold..

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  3. sniffer

    They also graced you with….

    Florida staying home for bowl season.
    Dickens writing the book on Auburn’s season.


  4. Austin

    Follow me for I will lead you down the hallway of champions. I bring to you from the Great Playbook the six ( seven) gods of football.🏈

    Fumblerooski- the giver and taker of the pigskin when it is being carried on the holy field. All shall fall before him.

    Pick- the giver and taker of the pigskin when thrown by mortal hands. Blessed be the receiver.

    Shankapotamus- the god of all kicks and kick related plays. His two temples high above the hollowed field, he is the most fickle of the gods.

    Blind- the trickster, known for covering the eyes of the all seeing zebras and even at times creating illusions to draw their flags.

    Pylon-the god of offense. His holy ground is located at the base of the temple of Shankapotamus at the ends of the hollowed field. His grounds are marked by the four pillars of truth.

    Trench-the twin brother of Pylon and the god of defense. He is where games are won or lost. Sacrifices on the alter of goal line are made unto him, and all must pay tribute.

    And lo the seventh god

    Luck- she is the most influential and coveted of them all. She holds sway over all the other gods and can change things at whim. Luck is a jealous goddess. She can switch allegiances at anytime or arrive in your darkest moment.

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  5. Cousin Eddie

    Is Odum coaching for his buy out? Really SOD as OC, i would have just told Locke he could call plays from the feild.


  6. Russ

    This should keep you going for a few more seasons, right Senator?


  7. DoubleDawg1318

    Man talk about a downgrade.


  8. McTyre

    Wardrobe tab in the Dooley household just went up. Babs’ loaded up on the orange couture during SOD’s vol stint, so the Athens Talbot’s better stock up black and gold. Upside for Vince is more guy time in the suites.