BREAKING: Mike Bianchi declares a national championship.

Really, I don’t know why anyone is even bothering with a game tomorrow night.


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42 responses to “BREAKING: Mike Bianchi declares a national championship.

  1. None

    Ah, the opinions of a very stable genius.


  2. Careful Brad

    I think this works in our favor, we’re set up for a dawg-graded national championship. I’ll take it.


    • gastr1

      Can you imagine if somehow they’d gotten in, won a close game like ours against someone with two losses like Ohio State, then lost to us in the title game?

      It would be like we’d never won anything at all.

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  3. Keese

    Please please give us 8 teams


  4. The Mike Bianchi NC Trophy. Great. Congratulations.


  5. Derek

    Another reason to hate Auburn.


  6. SlobberKnocker

    Bless their (and his) little hearts.


  7. Mayor

    This is what happens when the committee ignores an undefeated team. The committee should have included UCF in the playoff. The committee also purposely ranked UCF too low all season so they could justify leaving them out.Get rid of the committee.


    • Rocketdawg

      They played basically an FCS schedule with Maryland and Memphis added in. You can’t be serious


    • Gaskilldawg

      Your post assumes that the committee ignored UCF. Maybe it did not ignore UCF but instead gave consideration it it, looked at who it beat, and was more impressed with Alabama’s results against Alabama’s schedule than it was UCF’s results against UCF’s schedule.
      The message to UCF and other Group of Five teams is that if it wants to get the football wprld’s attention it should do what FSU did under Bowden in the 1970’s and early 1980’s and play power teams on the road and build a reputation.

      One last comment. I do not give a shit what the Orlando Sentinel writer thinks. He is not throwing a damper on my excitement.

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    • ChiliDawg

      Only a retard would have picked UCF as one of the four best teams.


  8. Gaskilldawg

    The College Football Playoff is not an official NCAA Championship, so any team can call itself a national champion. The thing we are playing in is an ESPN joint partnership with the 5 major bowls and is free, under NCVAA rules, to select the participants however the joint venturers wish. If they wish to select 4 teams by drawing names from a hat, then, well, its their party and they can invite who they choose.

    My point is that if the Orlando Sentinel does not like how the College Football Playoff selects its teams the Sentinel is free to start its own playoff and choose teams in a better fashion. Rather than do the heavy lifting it just wants to bitch.

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  9. Spike

    Aren’t they cute?


  10. Ellis

    Funny because their t-shirts say they are the 2018 Chick fil a Prach Bowl Champions.


  11. Truckin

    I had an undefeated bantam league team back in the 90’s. we should have a parade.


  12. Was literally 2 people away from Scott Frost in airport security line on Friday morning. Had my Dawg gear on and wearing a smirk as well.

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  13. heyberto

    How to make your school, your team, and your new organization look like idiots.


  14. Whiskeydawg

    In an era where you’re allowed to make your own reality, create your own facts, and deny the obvious; why shouldn’t UCF claim a National Championship? Why should any of us accept rules and conventions we don’t like or aren’t for the moment to one’s advantage? If you don’t like the system, the committee,the teams chosen by the system, it’s okay, there will be enough social media support to keep your delusion alive and well. Good sportsmanship, respect for the colligate game, respect for Georgia, respect for Alabama, ethics; What are those? Congratulations UCF for shitting where you sleep.

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  15. Timphd

    If you haven’t seen the SEC Short on this very topic, it is worth it. Go find it on Youtube or other sources.


  16. Cojones

    Although I feel their frustration, UCF can’t claim the win over Auburn as the key since that thinking only applies to ‘Bama. Unfortunately for them Georgia ruined that thinking by defeating Auburn for the SECC and that diluted UCF’s position.

    Under other circumstances they may have a point. I need only to go back to UGA’s record with lesser teams last year to argue that, at any time or place, you can lose, no matter the team you are playing and their sos. UCF went through that without a scratch , whereas, we were scratched 5 times.


  17. SEBdawg

    So if UGA was in UCF’s position, would Schultz or Bradley from the AJC proclaim us champs?


  18. Turd Ferguson

    Listening to UCF call themselves national champions is like listening to Trump call himself a genius. Maximum cringe.

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  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Didn’t corch hate this bianchi guy? The enemy of my enemy is … a dope?


    • Cojones

      Thought that was another writer down there. I think mostly of Bianchi alternately kissing corch’s ass, then sanitizing it for the next ass-kisser.


  20. Uglydawg

    This is the equivalent of an Class AA high school team going undefeated and having won games over a couple of lower tiered AAAA teams playing a four loss and beating a AAAAA team that was bored playing them…claiming to be the best team in the state.


  21. Captain Obvious


  22. The Dawg abides

    I really want to see a two loss Nebraska win the Big 10 and then to lobby to get in next year.


  23. Macallanlover

    So mid-major central florida took a season to be proud of and dunked it in the cess pool of stupidity. Now, whenever I remember what they did this year, I will laugh about them, not respect them. (And I am the one who feels we should go to 8 teams to allow a Group of 5 rep, just to take away the silliness, as well as the occasional exception that might could compete… least through the first round.) ucf is exactly like Hawaii, circa 2007…’cepting the Dawgs actually showed up. How easily people in Florida, and writers like bianchi, forget the differences between the two levels. And why they need an annual reminder. Even USC should have had a ticket to the dance this year.