Help a Tiguh out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think you’ve just been served a fastball down the middle with this rhetorical question:

If you are an Auburn fan/alumnus like myself, the past few days have brought a new personal nightmare unknown to any of us before. Yes, I am speaking of the fact that Alabama and Georgia, the Tigers’ two biggest rivals, will meet Monday in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

Sigh. How did this happen? How did it go from Auburn defeating both teams when they were ranked No. 1 to these enemies playing for it all? What did Tigers fans do to upset the college football gods?  [Emphasis added.]

Please clue him in.


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38 responses to “Help a Tiguh out.

  1. Former Fan

    They were born.

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  2. Spike

    Because one of their colors is orange. And they throw butt tape in trees.

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  3. Holding every single play and never being called for it.
    Nick Fairley.

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    • Dolly Llama

      Fairley. Cam Newton. Period. Full Stop.


      • 81Dog

        The combination of honoring Nick “Cheap Shot Late Hit” Fairley and playing Soulja Boy (I bet you’d never have heard the first note of it if we’d been kicking their asses again) offended the football gods. Plus, the deal with the devil they made in 2010; nothing will ever quite square the books for that one, but the discomfort of AU fans is wonderful. Every time a butthurt AU fan complains about the NC matchup, an angel gets its wings.


  4. $Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and Trooper Taylor – is it necessary to say anything else?

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  5. Spike

    Fire hoses.

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  6. Buddha

    I like drivin’ my truck


  7. ugafidelis

    Gene “I’d sell my soul for a National Championship” Chizik.


  8. Cojones

    First, you went and shit in your own hat. After that, we will be staunching the outflow of Georgia blood from Columbus, Ga to your ratty-ass coaches. Yall have paid into those schools much too long without being taken to task.

    Yall have placed your ass so high that we thought you had a hump on your shoulder.

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  9. DoubleDawg1318

    Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, the Prayer, the Kick 6. You’ve gotten more than your fair share of gold from the football gods. Now it’s time to pay up.


  10. The Truth

    What did you do to upset the football gods? Let every Dawg fan reply with two words, two simple words…
    Scam Newton.


  11. Disco

    Love the one lone comment at bottom of article from N. Western U, “Loser”.


  12. Derek

    This would be enough:

    But there’s so much more. Jet-gate. Scam. Bag man. Fairley. James Brooks can’t read. Keep it down home cuz. Hoses.

    Auburn athletics is a 60 year continuing criminal enterprise.

    I hate them so very much.

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  13. sectionzalum

    yella wood

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  14. Debby Balcer

    Celebrated Nick Fairley and Cam Bewton. Enough said!!


  15. Bulldog Joe

    Fans showed up for 28-7, then let their lame duck AD pay Gus $49 million.


  16. “We beat the dog crap out of them”.
    Tip Six or Miracle on the Plains or whatever they called the tip drill over Harvey Clemons.
    Kick Six. That whole season was coached by wizards or witches.
    Nearly killing Reggie Brown.
    Scam Newton.
    Fairley nearly killing Murray.
    Bought and paid for national champion$hip
    Winless against Tech in the 21st century.
    Making Orgeron look competent.
    Making Chizik look competent.
    Take your pick mascots.
    Take your pick fight songs.
    UCF 2018 BCS (Bianchi Composite Schizophrenia) National Champions
    Trigga Tray
    Generally being the foster home for every dismissed SEC player
    Knee-jerk contract extensions that will further ensure your mediocrity for years to come?

    I don’t know, that’s just my short list.

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  17. Idlewild Dawg

    Was it The Senator that coined the header “Auburn Goes All In (The Front Door With A Gun)”…. Few years ago on an auburn football related aggravated assault charge?


  18. As a committted Dawg fan, I have various levels of hate for our rivals. One finds a reservoir of loathing quite easily for the Lizards and the Nerds, and in the pantheon of my disgust, I rank Florida above the Yellowfaggots. However, the measure of total hatred I feel for Auburn rises to 2,000% of the same hatred I feel for any other rival. Quite simply, it is the unbridled arrogance of their fan base, not to mention the blatant hypocrisy and sniveling and whimpering of their coach, which leaves me as a seething malevolent psychopath when I think of them.

    OK, thanks for listening.

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  19. Rocketdawg

    By being the the most corrupt and morally bankrupt program in college football


  20. ChiliDawg

    They literally bought a NC. I can’t believe they’d have the audacity to even pose that question.


  21. JoshG

    I’ll take “Losing When It Mattered” for $200, Senator.


  22. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t think the gods had anything to do with it. Might be the devil collecting on his bargains.


    • addr

      This is exactly what I thought.

      Auburn forsook whatever gods they prayed to a long time ago. They deal with the devil now, and the devil always gets his due.


  23. redhotchilidawg

    Just paid $3800 all in for 2 in Section 103. I hate myself. And yet I bought them anyway. Please God give us a W. Go Dawgs!


  24. ApalachDawg

    Nick and $cam


  25. Cousin Eddie

    It’s a regression to the mean for all the rabbit foot luck, enjoy.