Random Monday morning question

If two SEC teams play for a title in a game not called by Uncle Verne and Gary, does it still count?

The least ESPN could do would be to play that before the start of tonight’s game.


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6 responses to “Random Monday morning question

  1. Busta

    Lmao, I had grown to hate that theme during commercial breaks as we’d be losing during the break highlights as the theme plays…no longer.


  2. Hillbilly Dawg

    Every September I wait to hear that to know the season is truly back


    • Gravidy

      Yes. I love that music – even with its cheesy, over-the-top drum machine track. That music lets me know my favorite part of the year is finally upon us.


  3. The sound of September !


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Ugh! We won’t even get Blackledge on the TV broadcast. Herbstreit and Fowler on the play-by-play again! Geebus, it’s getting to the point Beth Mowins will be a welcome change!