“The atmosphere is just different in Athens.”

One neat consequence of Georgia football being nationally relevant again after a long hibernation is that we in the fan base get to explain ourselves to an outside world willing to pay attention to us.


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3 responses to ““The atmosphere is just different in Athens.”

  1. Macallanlover

    It is the worst part. Those who put all the emphasis on MNCs miss the great stories of how many came close, or got screwed. How many titles were awarded to teams who simply benefited from the system (ohio and Michigan come to mind as the best examples. They hid behind the Rose Bowl/no bowl for a long, long time.) Let’s take care of business and get the monkey off our back by those who don’t realize this is one of CFBs best programs. Win the MNC tonight, take second place, alone, in SEC titles in the next two years. Life is good Dawg fans.


  2. mwo

    The national championship claim by UCF reminds me of the formula used by ohio state and michigan to win titles. Play all the small schools in your home state, play a conference schedule that is as weak as bathwater, then play 1 meaningful game at the end of the season before the Rose Bowl. It worked forever for those 2.