Two words. Two simple words.

No, silly, not those two words.  These two:

The College Football Playoff management committee, which is comprised of the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, are in unanimous agreement that the CFP should not expand beyond four teams right now[Emphasis added.]

The big boys are tossing a $15 million bone to the mid-majors and those conference commissioners know that’s the best they’ve done and the best they’ll do — for now.  For all the talk about UCF’s national championship parade and the “Some critics of the system have said that what’s missing in college football is the Cinderella stories that are seen more frequently in the college basketball tournament…” garbage, the money is what this has been and will always be about.

And you know what?  These guys are patient.  They know sooner or later that what ESPN is raining down on Delany and Sankey won’t be enough anymore and when that day comes, there will be more to pass through.  So what do they have to lose by waiting?  It’s not like they’ve got better options, anyway.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    That harkens back to the Watergate Committee hearings, when the favorite weasel phrase was “at that point in time”.


  2. NCDawgMan

    Money, money, money !
    ESPN The Mothership has self destructed college football as we grew up with. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. Remember Keith Jackson doing starting lineups? Computers generated and pundits of talking heads now replace Joe Jackson 6’4” OT RS Freshman, majoring in Biology. He hails from Hinesville Georgia, next to him starting at tackle for the Dawgs;etc.
    Evidamndently that would cut into commercial time. Even the NFL does a bit and at least let you see the players intro themselves, universities they came from or high schools.
    Now we get the US Army High School Classic or the Under Armorwhere his past Saturday a recruit made the statement that I will be attending———— University cause they give me the best chance to get to the league. Corporate money by up scads of tickets for the businesses they do business with, come enjoy the game. We’ll provide the food and lodging free gratis.
    Mean while UGA and Oklahoma got 16,000 tickets per school. By the way to be able to buy said tickets you got to donate between $5,000 and $50,000. Check seating capacity for the Rose Bowl.
    Give me the railroad back, Erik said they were the backbone of the Junkyard Dawgs. Stood on the bridge to watch my first game at Sanford. Had to look under or over the rail to get a good view as the Dawgs beat up on USCe.
    Where did our game go from 1980 to 2018? Die hard so I’ll up up late to see the Dawgs with a 8:15 pm kickoff so the Mothership’s commercials will be in prime time.
    In case you want to know the players though you better do a print out on the computer.
    In ending to respond to the talking head during the Rose Bowl, Jake Fromm is from Houston County,Ga. but it is not a suburb of Atlanta !


    • Uglydawg

      Outstanding post, NCDawgMan! ESPN has butchered the fun and ain’t through yet. A poor man will never see a big game in person.
      We should have played in the Sugar and still be celebration our National Championship. That was the truly exciting era.
      Pretty soon, we’ll have to win another game or two and it will be another week or two, or a month, of the devil dragging in millions and millions and millions while we grow into the new mantra that if you must win it all or you’ve failed. I think we were a lot better off under the old bowl system, with AP and UPI champs named the first week of the year.
      Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands will miss school or work because of a late night…again. When they make it eight, add one more week and late night.
      Admittedly old fashioned..I long for the time when New Years Day was the culminating event.
      Yes..ESPN is the devil.


  3. Highlands Dog

    Maybe the committee should make conference champion a requirement. The conference championship then becomes a playoff game. The independents need to get real and join a conference. This would make the picks less subjective except for which conference has the best teams.


  4. Busta

    And how often will we have an undefeated UCF/Memphis/ etc.? Theoretically there would be a spot created just for them, but they still don’t get in because more often than not they won’t go undefeated…and a P5 will. 4 is good enough, UGA has definitely earned this the hard way (on the road vs ND, Miss St, SECCG, Rose…played more games than Bama as every one else did in the CFP). Travel the road to earn the crown, to be the man, you gotta beat the man/men.


  5. Macallanlover

    Of course the ND athletic director doesn’t want 5 conference champions getting a guaranteed ticket. All the more reason to expand.


  6. I dare the world to find anyone who has watched as much of a combination of AAC football and SEC football as me. I’ve watched every memphis tigers game and georgia bulldogs game from start to finish, unless they overlapped then I missed the Memphis game. That is a fun conference to watch but everyone other than the teams at the top are PURE TRASH. Defense so bad it’s an absolute abomination.

    Another thing they don’t have in the AAC: real road game. Other than maybe what we saw the last 2 weeks at UCF’s stadium, all of the games are made-for-tv affairs with some stadiums so empty the PA announcers voice echoes off the walls. A trap game in an empty stadium in Tulsa is a hell of a lot easier than one in Columbia, Starkville, Baton Rouge or College Station. These people championing UCF (which includes many of my fellow Memphis fans who have pissed me off to no end) don’t even know what it’s like to go to a big time college football game. They are Walmart fans of urban commuter schools.


  7. Chico Dawg

    My argument for expanded playoffs is pretty simple, but no one will ask me…
    I do not recall a single year where the number 6 or 8 team in the nation at the end of the year has a right to play for the national championship. I can recall many situations where the #3 or #4 team can plead a case for such…I like 4 teams. I am also sick of the hoops comparison.