Brothers in arms

This was a pretty cool post-game moment for the Ridley brothers.


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9 responses to “Brothers in arms

  1. whb209

    I can think of a way for it to be a hell of a lot cooler.

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  2. Otto

    Riley had a big game. Calvin made a big catch that wasn’t even intended for him.

    In a way that sums up the game for those actually playing for or working for the the programs, so many coaches on both sides recruited kids they were playing against, coaches that were on staff at one time together were coaching against each other.

    UGA Bama may not be played annually but it tends to create some monster games


  3. Russ

    I’d say little brother was the better receiver last night. He stepped up nicely.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Our Ridley played a helluva game.

    Maybe in Year’s 2 and 3 we’ll see Fromm grow as a QB and spread it around to the other WR’s. Losing Javon forced it on him last night and he did a good job


    • Russ

      Yeah, I hate to say losing Wims was a positive, but one positive to it was that Fromm spread the ball around more. I thought they all did well. Can’t remember too many blatant drops. Every throw was contested (as you’d expect from Bama’s secondary).


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Great moment for them.
    Will McGarity turn Riley for a NCAA violation, a la Greene and his Jersey?


  6. 83Dawg

    That is great.

    Brothers after all.