“But that’s a play left on the field.”

Blaming a loss on the refs is a mug’s game, one that I refuse to play, but, damn, this penalty hurt.

Besides the obvious momentum change that ensued, I feel especially bad for Simmons.

Simmons, for his part, initially said he “mistimed” his run at the punt. He blamed himself prior to seeing the replay. He was clearly frustrated. A sophomore receiver, Simmons had just three catches this season, and sought to make an impact on special teams.

For a few moments, he did.

“I knew it was close coming off the ball,” he said. “I’ve just got to take advantage and stuff like that. I get very few opportunities and I’ve got to take advantage.”

For what it’s worth, watching the play unfold live, I get why the official threw the flag.  Simmons’ hesitation basically invited it, even though it was a bad call.  Them’s the breaks, I guess.


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  1. ugafidelis

    That, and the only reason the pass hit the defender’s helmet is because our O-lineman was blocking his ass so well.


  2. HiAltDawg

    I just wonder if Coach Smart will deploy analysts to game plan for officiating–SEC refs ain’t going nowhere, lol


  3. Derek

    The ref didn’t pull the flag until we blocked the punt.

    Watch it from another angle. The guy doesn’t pull the flag until the block.

    They also didn’t see Swift get his face mask pulled. Somehow I saw it from 100 yards away.


  4. Russ

    The blown facemask against Swift was also a killer. Gets us out of the hole and a fresh set of downs.

    But play calling got too conservative at the end, for some reason. Chaney called without fear for most of the game, but our potential winning drive with 2:00 left didn’t have Chubb or Michel on the field. Strange.


    • Otto

      The blocked punt is a little easier to get past as it should have been a false start which would have blown the play dead.

      The face mask is a killer as is the horse collar on the kick off return.

      Chaney did get conservative but was it Smart want to play D which his D didn’t get the stops with the 2nd QB to win.

      We can 2nd guess refs, OC, DC, HC, QB etc. the bottom line is they won. The last time UGA played Bama they systematically dismantled UGA. Smart had his team ready to play out of the gates after an OT win in the Rose. I feel good about the current staff being able to play with anyone, anywhere. I call that progress and a reason to again be fired up with optimism for next year.


      • Russ

        Oh, hell yeah, I’m very optimistic! I was hoping to get to the SECCG this year, so anything past that was house money. My only concern is the luck that every championship team needs to win may not be with us next season. We were very lucky in terms of injuries. Hope that continues going forward. S&C certainly helps.

        We won from 17 down, and lost from 13 up. It sucks, but I’m still proud of the Dawgs.

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        • Otto

          Agreed very proud, Next year has major turnover, every year does in College but Chubb, Michel, Bellamy, Carter, Parrish, Wims all Seniors. Smith would be half crazy not to go pro.

          I like UGA’s future but next year will have some fresh faces having to step up. I am not saying 2018 can’t go the distance but 2019 is looking to be big. S&C goes a long way Bama has been dominant for a decade and this is the 1st time I remember injuries being a problem for them.

          Smart is recruiting to build depth to be on par and possibly passing Bama on the recruiting trail and he seems to have his S&C guy. The S&C coaches are critical as they are keeping the players focused when the regular coaches can’t see them every day in practice.


  5. Silver Creek Dawg

    The missed WR false start on an Bama TD pass didn’t help matters either.


    • JPDawg

      I hadn’t heard anyone else mention that. Thought I was crazy.


    • Rusdawg

      Wait…when was that?


      • Sanford222view

        The Bama TD pass to tie the game at 20. The WR split out wide left left before the snap.


        • Macallanlover

          Think it was the RB, #22, ho was split out wide Those four plays (face mask, Simmons on blocked punt, false start on TD play, and kickoff clothes line tackle were just too obvious to have all been missed. We aren’t talking holding on the interior, or bang/bang pass interference calls here, these were all blown simple calls, and no calls. No officiating crew could miss them, they were no-brainers. And there was irrefutable evidence of something going on in the 2nd half….all of these were to the detriment of just one team. I have no explanation for how that can happen.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    Sure, Georgia could have won in spite of the officiating, but how many times are we going to type that? They had to beat Auburn in spite of the officials already. And it’s not that it’s just general incompetence. That would even out.


  7. I figured the B1G officials would be out to screw Alabama at the direction of Jim Delany after they were selected over the Suckeyes … apparently, they must have spoken with the suits in Birmingham before the game. Holding on both sides must be legal if you wear a crimson helmet. You must be able to head slap a defenseless player on the ground and twist face masks with impunity. The flag on the blocked punt was awful.

    All of that and we still went toe to toe with Alabama.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    I’m not saying this play turned the game, but it had the potential to bury Alabama in an avalanche, stretch our lead and possibly win it.

    Oh well. At the end of the day, our OL got whipped by their DL and our DB’s got beat consistently by their WR’s.

    Keep chopping Kirby.


    • Gene Simmons

      Oddly enough, it COULD HAVE turned the game, had the punt block been allowed to stand…..


    • McTyre

      Not so on our DBs. S their WR. We kept the best WR on the field from getting anything. O getting few if any 1st downs in the 4th was probably the biggest factor as the D wore down. Sadly, another parallel to the Falcons’ SB performance.


  9. Uglydawg

    We’re all whining here, but wTF….the PI call that extended ‘Bama’s drive was terrible. The receiver pushed off of MP and then lost his balance and fell. That one gave Bama points too. I’m butt hurt…I admit it.


  10. Uglydawg

    Tyler Simmons you have NOTHING to apologize for..you made a great play. It was a great play that should have sealed the game for the Dawgs. Somethings are out of your control.

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  11. mwo

    I know it’s whining and good teams play through penalties, adversity, yada yada yada. But just once I would like UGA to be the beneficiaries of “playing while bama “. Or at least consistent calls.


  12. Or how about Roquon getting tackled from behind on that play when we had the freshman qb bottled up and somehow escaped 3 guys for a big gain.


  13. Thatguy

    The missed calls, particularly the blatant holds, are what still have me on fire this morning. That said, I think Chaney got too cute in the 3rd and 4th (WAY too much WildDawg), instead of sticking with what had been working (Michel in the flat), or, god forbid, Nauta down the seam.


  14. Charlie Fain

    The proper call on this play would have been a false start on them, which functionally wouldn’t have been much different than the bogus off sides call. Either way, no blocked punt. So I hate it, but …


    • I disagree. For one, this is in extreme slow motion, so that guy probably doesn’t get called for a false start in real time. Hell, it wasn’t as bad a call as the Alabama WR moving early that got botched by the same guy. Second, 4th and 3 is a mile different from 4th and 13. UGA had gotten close to a blocked punt a couple of times, but Kirby called punt safe or punt return the rest of the night after this penalty. If it’s 4th and 13, and after seeing Simmons get to the punter with ease, why would Kirby not go back the next play? On 4th and 3, it’s not worth the risk of another offsides penalty which would give them a first down. Bad penalty that shouldn’t have been called that completely changed the strategy the coaches employed.


      • Charlie Fain

        That’s fair. In inclined to agree with all of that, and with others below who note other bad calls. And how huge the missed opportunity to bring down Tua on third down was, and how lucky we got that they missed the kick near the end of regulation.


  15. Call it whatever, the refs were right in the middle of the momentum shift of the 2nd half. They were a part of nearly every big play. I long for the days of the trash SEC crews. At least they only made a couple bad calls. Last night was a. entire fucking 2nd half of trash. In the got damn NC game? Bama didn’t need any freaking help! Bama got a lot of 1st half calls because BAMA earned them. We got makeup calls or missed calls. I’m done with cfb

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  16. I know people tiptoe around this so as to not look like you’re making excuses but that crew affected the game. That crew hurt us.

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    • Refs miss calls, but usually they miss one here on this team and another there on that team. When all the calls go against the same team, it is hard to stomach. When all the calls go against the same team in one half, it is infuriating. I thought they called a good first half. Mostly, they didn’t call anything and let the teams play. In the second half, they certainly asserted themselves into the equation, and every big call went for Alabama.

      UGA still could have won with a few first downs, and they let it get away from them, but the officials put in a poor second half performance that had an impact on the outcome of the game.

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  17. Cousin Eddie

    And the refs reviewed every call that was questionable for UGA and didn’t do the same for Bama. The falling catch near the goal line looked questionable enough to me but they let Bama stay in hurry up and score. When UGA had a few plays where they were driving and the refs stopped play to review and gave Bama time to recover and adjust.


  18. willypmd

    Honestly the face mask is the one I am upset about. I have never seen a more egregious face mask call missed at any level of football.

    He literally held his face mask for an entire 360 degree rotation so that you could see him grasp and hold it from anywhere on the field.


  19. The Truth

    The Simmons call on the punt sure looks suspect, but close enough to be understandable.

    The one that had me dropping the F bomb in front of my daughter (sorry, hon) was the Swift face mask. For that call alone none of those officials should ever work again. There’s no possible explanation for missing that call. Would have kept our drive alive.

    The non-call on Bama player punching Fromm (?) in the helmet was also infuriating because it’s really hard not to believe that if that had been a UGA player punching a Bama player it wouldn’t have been called.

    But, by far, the play was that hurt us the most all night was having Tua dead to rights in the backfield on 3rd and 7 and letting him escape for a first down. Three passes later — TD.

    And we surely got the biggest gift of the night as well — 9 out of 10 college kickers drill that FG at the end of regulation.

    A concern of mine going forward: Why was none of our young talent able to beat #14 out for a job?


    • Biggus Rickus

      Sanders was responsible for that last play. He was in cover 2 and supposed to help over the top, but he followed the QB’s eyes instead of doing his job.


      • dawgman3000

        I understand that Rickus, but they were picking on Parrish all night and they knew that play would be there. I don’t know why he wasn’t pulled in favor of McGhee.


        • Biggus Rickus

          McGhee probably blows more assignments. The corner opposite Baker was a weak spot this season. The secondary as a whole was exploitable, and that’s one thing that will improve next year, I think.

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    • gusaugustine

      With all the young talent we’ve recruited at DB, it’s very top heavy in favor of safeties. Lots of CB bodies, but nobody comparable in talent to the young safeties (no Lecounte or Gibbs type talents at corner).

      Mecole was supposed to be the young gun plugged into the CB spot opposite Baker this year, and they kinda wasted a year of his eligibility on that failed experiment. As awesome as it’s been to see Mecole succeed on offense, it would have been even more awesome if he would have developed into the elite corner they thought he was going to be. Those guys are so rare and critical.

      Speed and Brini are pretty much projects — 3 star guys who needed some development. I’ve heard good things about Webb, the converted receiver from Philly, but he’s still learning the position. Poole was the one youngster I hoped might break into the rotation this year, but he never did.

      That’s why we desperately need to get Tyson Campbell or Isaac Taylor-Stuart in this year’s recruiting class — or maybe both! (Hey, a boy can dream)


  20. Faulkner

    Sorry, but the refs played a huge role in the game. Yes, our play calling went to shit for about 3-4 series in the 3rd and 4th, but the officiating clearly stole the game from us. If we even get half of the penalties called properly, we win the title. Let that sink in, the refs stole the game. We are not going to be able to beat a Bama team and an officiating crew.
    As for all those talking heads who say we are going to win many titles under Smart. Well, it’s just not as easy as Bama makes it look. We lose a lot of talent this year. We will be lucky to get to the final four. We are at least 2 years away. BTW, Bama is not going anywhere. We may have a #1 class this year, but Bama has 3 #1 classes to fill in for the seniors that are leaving.
    Nobody said life was fair but this is fucking ridiculous what those refs did last night and it should piss people off.

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  21. Gravidy

    Don’t worry, Senator. I’ll cover you in the ref-blaming department, and I’ll have precisely zero compunctions about it.

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  22. TampaDawg

    Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. Hard to believe the officiating was that poor in a national championship game. Several of the missed calls were blatantly obvious.


  23. Truckin

    Screw them. UCF is the champ.


  24. PTC DAWG

    Horseshit call….I don’t see why the refs can’t fix it on a review.


    • Jonathan Thompson

      That confuses the he’ll out of me, why a play so crucial, is simply determined “non-reviewable”. Seems to me that you would want the play of the teams to decide the champ, not whatever the hell that bullshit was.


  25. greg63

    The officials were awful in the second half and really helped give Bama some momentum. That said there is one thing that I can’t get past. We continued to run Nick in the 2nd half when it was very obvious that Sony was the back who needed to be getting the majority (if not all) the carries. This is not a knock on Nick. I love him, but he was losing yards on virtually every carry. Sony touched the ball what 4-5 times in the second half? If he wasn’t injured that was criminal. I’m still pissed about it.


  26. CPark58

    Mug’s game or no, I will go to my grave convinced that the officials were influenced by Remo Gaggi types, not that it matters what I think. A lot of big money came in late on the Tide for the game to be played in a vacuum.

    I’m not saying anyone from Alabama had anything to do with it and its not a conspiracy for Alabama to win because they are Bama per se. These thing probably go down as an educated wager on the better team vs the points with a little insurance in case the other team starts to pull away, which in this case it did. Typically a team as good as Alabama wouldn’t need a lot of help to stay in a game, maybe a call or no call here or there, but last night they were starting to crack and needed all the help they could get to stay in it.

    To my conspiracy theorist mind, there is some solace in the fact that the bastards didn’t cover the 3.5 points.


  27. I’ve considered all the possibilities and can only honestly view the result of this game as fixed. If you can take every non-enforced penalty with grace given what was at stake then you are truly on a different plane than I am.

    As someone on another board wondered: all of the suspicious incidents occurred on the same side of the field, the Bama side. And presumably involved the same linesman.