If you have the stomach to watch it, this is an excellent breakdown of the winning score last night.

Strangely enough, it was the second straight game where the winning play came right at where I was sitting.  It wasn’t Parrish getting beat that gave me a sinking feeling as I watched the play develop; it was the realization that Sanders was out of position and wasn’t going to get there in time.  Evidently the true freshman quarterback saw that, too.

That was the one responsible for Alabama’s left sideline, where Smith scored: No. 24, Dominick Sanders. Tagovailoa explained what he saw.

“They had split safeties,” he told ESPN’s Maria Taylor on the field afterward. “The safety on DeVonta’s side, on the single-receiver side, he tried to disguise his coverage. I tried to look him off. He stayed in the middle. Then I went back outside. It was cover-2 on [the trips’] side, but he stayed inside. I took a shot downfield, and he caught it.”

The disguise Tagovailoa referenced was probably the couple of immediate steps Sanders took toward the front pylon of the end zone, where Smith was ultimately heading. Sanders’ final decision was to cover the middle of the field, where Alabama had a couple of receivers running more horizontal routes.

Smith ran in a straight line. Sanders, the safety, didn’t immediately go to him. Whether that’s because Tagovailoa looked him off, or for some other reason, isn’t clear.



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  1. ugafidelis

    I don’t have the stomach to watch it.


    • ugafidelis

      Ok so lookoff or not; shouldn’t Sanders have looked and seen MP was beat and automatic gone over there?


      • Macallanlover

        I he had seen Parrish play a down last night he should have known he needed help….every play. And if he didn’t know it, the coaches should have told him so. When I saw 14 on that side, I knew where the ball was going and we would need sack to keep something awful from happening. I have no idea what our coaches were thinking.


    • mwo

      Don’t have to. I know very little about football but I knew Bama was gonna throw it deep. No way Saban was gonna let the kicker on the field again.


  2. It looked eerily similar to the Eason to Ridley TD pass near the end of the UT game in 2016.


  3. Smokey Joe

    Why do you play bump and run on 2nd and 26 in overtime when you have been getting beat all night? Back off and make him take the short pass and make a tackle.


    • gastr1

      Coaches film room said they were in a cover 2, but it seems playing that correctly means Sanders gets over on the guy, right?


      • Smokey Joe

        In cover 2 you have to make contact with that guy at the line of scrimmage and force him inside toward your safety. He just waved as he passed then threw his hands up.


    • Russ

      A bump would have been nice. I think Parrish gave a wave as he passed him. Parrish has had a nice career at UGA, but last night wasn’t his best.

      And yeah, Sanders should have covered over the top, but didn’t.


      • Kdawg

        Parrish overall has had a pretty rough year.


        • JasonC

          Like both of you guys said, Parrish has a had a good career, especially before this season. I don’t know if it was the injury or what but he wasn’t as sharp this season and he played especially poor last night. But in the previous 2 seasons, he was usually the most reliable CB in the passing and running game.

          He didn’t do well on the play, but Sanders also left him out to dry.


  4. gastr1

    I’m not watching it. But the QB definitely held him with his eyes. It was a great play by him. If I’m Sanders, I guess I probably cheat toward Ridley, I don’t know. What’s the right play there?


  5. ASEF

    Unfortunately, just as Bama fans had to endure a 1000 replays of the kick 6 and Watson’s final TD last year, that replay is going to be on heavy rotation for at least the next 365 days.


  6. Turd Ferguson

    Except for the Missouri game, we’ve been fortunate to sort of hide our weak secondary all season. Really hope Smart and Tucker are able to develop all this young DB talent quickly.

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  7. addr

    It looks to me like Tua definitely baits Sanders with his eyes, but both Sanders and Parrish had massive fails. Parrish because he does nothing to reroute the receiver and gets absolutely blown away, and Sanders because he steps toward the middle of the field even though the biggest threat is obviously Smith on the outside. It was a great play by their QB, coupled with poor execution on our part… not much else to say about it.


  8. David H.

    Great play by Tua to look to his right the entire time until he turned and threw deep left. I think that, plus Alabama’s receivers on the right side running intermediate routes toward the middle of the field, is what fooled Sanders. And Parrish wasn’t able to disrupt his route at all at the line of scrimmage, so the WR got a free run and quickly had two steps on Parrish.

    Tough, tough way to end it. John Brown, Gregg Garrity, Amari Cooper, now Devonte Smith. We’ve had some tough deep balls go against us over the years.

    I’m still so, so proud of this team and these seniors, especially, for how hard they played all year. Keep chopping, and hopefully we will be in contention for years to come, and one day it will go our way…

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  9. Greg

    Painful to watch….Parrish did not have a good game, but speed, athleticism and size had a lot to do with it imo. He did not match up well. I thought the interference call on him, Bama did a good job selling it (need to see again). Nonetheless, he was probably the best we had at the time….next year will hopefully be a different story.

    As far as the touchdown goes in OT, #24 did not give him a lot of help. He did not roll over in time….believe someone on ‘D admitted there was a miscommunication. A lot of twists and turns, a lot of what ifs in this game. Dawgs had a great season, future is bright. Shit happens…just got beat by a better team imo, no reason to hang your head.


    • Sanford222view

      Not so sure about the “better” part. I’d say they were evenly matched. Saban thought they were dead in the water at the half or he wouldn’t have benched his starting QB with a 26-2 record for a true freshman who has not seen meaningful snaps this season.


      • Greg

        The fellow who kept beating him – Riley (not TD in OT), is a first rounder, I doubt Parrish will ever sniff the NFL.


  10. Gene Simmons

    How do you freaking let the guy run free from the LOS?
    Anyone think a track meet favors UGS here?????
    BLOWN COVERAGE gave this game away at the end…


    • Greg

      “Parrish did not have a good game, but speed, athleticism and size had a lot to do with it imo”

      “As far as the touchdown goes in OT, #24 did not give him a lot of help. He did not roll over in time….believe someone on ‘D admitted there was a miscommunication.

      If you are gonna reply, take the time and read what you are replying to.


  11. Will Trane

    One thing Smart has to work on for 2018 is his secondary. The CFP games exposed the Dawgs secondary. Mayfield and then a seldom used frosh QB with high skills wrecked havoc on the secondary.
    The killer play for me was when Bama tied the game on a 4th down play. That pass should not have even got off, too slow on rush and moving him from the pocket plus the coverage was slow again.
    Secondary simply can not maintain coverage.
    All year the secondary when you go back and look has been a short coming. Look back at the Missouri game.
    Better recruit some players Smart because what we are seeing is that in championship games stopping the passing game is becoming crucial.
    Definitely Parrish had another bad game and a rough season.


    • Jonathan Thompson

      While you are looking at the tying score on 4th down, be sure to watch the receiver at the bottom jump early, before the snap. So many blown calls in this game, and basically all go against us.


    • Mayor

      What Saban er al are experts at is finding your weakness and exploiting it. UGA’s weakness is pass coverage. There were numerous other times when Bama receivers ran free in the secondary but balls were overthrown or underthrown. Just like Georgia could have easily won this game if the refs didn’t blow several calls, Bama could have easily won the game in regulation if the Tide completed those passes.


  12. Jonathan Thompson

    This play should have never existed, as we were up 13-0, blocked a punt, and the ref’s stole that from us. (Why is such a crucial play/call/flag non-reviewable?!?) We go nowhere, punt it back to them, and they go and score 7, making it 13-7. Had the ref’s not jobbed us on the blocked punt, momentum stays 100% in our favor, and they can’t mount a comeback. Even more frustrating, the ref’s apparently “saw” Tyler Simmons jump offsides on the block, but somehow missed the 2! Bama blockers who jumped early. The Bama player who threw a punch should be been ejected, even more so after he tried to fight one of his own coaches. Why was he allowed to continue playing? (Made a huge stop on a kick off shortly after,; tackling Mecole). What about Mack Wilson shoving Fromme’s head back down, we’ll after the play, mere feet in front of an official? Check out the play where they scored on 4th down to tie it, bottom receiver jumps early, should be been a 5 yarder. Should it hurt more, or less, getting Georgia’d in complete Georgia fashion?


    • Jonathan Thompson

      Please excuse the grammar mistakes, as I’m too shocked and disappointed to proofread. And that list of bs isn’t all inclusive, feel free to add to it as desired.


  13. doofusdawg

    The entire defensive alignment, personnel and coverage on that play was a disaster. First of all we had no speed rushers in the game and there was no chance they were going to run it unless it was the quarterback… and he could have run for a first down if he had taken off to his right because we had nobody near the line that could tackle him… look at all the green. Second we had two guys covering the shallow crossing route leaving another receiver wide open twenty yards downfield coming the other way. Third they had a receiver running a post wide open toward Sanders… if Sanders does sprint for Smith then the post is at least complete near the ten.

    Not surprisingly Baker has his man covered up and Reed is at least in the right position.

    Overall a terrible defensive play that is as much on the coaches as it is on the kids. Bama could have gotten a first down in at least three different ways.

    But it was a perfect throw with a low trajectory that would have scored no matter what we did… other than jamming Smith at the line or pressuring the quarterback. A total breakdown.


  14. Dog in Fla

    Seattle Slew