A new redshirt rule?

This is one of those things that sounds like it makes too much sense to be accepted.

My bet is that one concern over adopting this will be that it will make graduate transfers more likely.  Yeah, you and I know that’s not a bad thing, but neither of us are college administrators.


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13 responses to “A new redshirt rule?

  1. dawgtired

    That could benefit a team when a starter is hurt for a few games. A Frosh could fill in but not loose his shirt helping the team.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Gosh, it would be possible for a player to play in 64 college games. The year I got my driver’s license the absolute maximum a player could play was 33. Almost doubled. Wow.


  3. Former Fan

    They should just end the redshirt rule and give the kids 5 years of eligibility.


  4. FisheriesDawg

    I’m good with letting kids play in garbage time and not burning their redshirts. I’m cool with a freshman at Georgia Southern getting a chance to play at Sanford or Bryant-Denny, something that may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m cool with kids getting to play in the Quick Lane Bowl since that’s essentially the first game of the next season anyway.

    What I’m NOT cool with is Alabama sitting on a kid like Tua and saving him for the Auburn-SEC-Bowl-NC stretch and it not costing them a year of eligibility.

    I’d say if they’re going to do it, limit it to nonconference games and non-playoff bowl games. Otherwise, Saban is going to game the system, as if he needs more advantages.


  5. Otto

    I am good with the ACC proposed rule and would add that bowl games should not count against the 4.

    I would also be in favor of opening up the grad transfer rules.


  6. Uglydawg

    I suspect a side effect of seeing more kids quit the team or go pro early because of pressure from more talented youngsters threaten their playing time.


  7. 69Dawg

    The rule should be the last four games not any four games. The any four game rule would make it easy to screw up either by accident or on purpose. Lets look at our offensive lineman coming in next year. Five of them wouldn’t it be great to get to see them in the last four games after they actually had a chance to learn the system. Bowl games should be open to all the players too.


  8. Particularly for non-conference games, this makes too much sense. I mean, all the SEC schools used to have freshmen and/or JV games for a reason. This is no different.

    Frankly, all this means is that the next 17yr old Ben Cleveland can get some reps against a Sun Belt team. And then maybe some studs on defense. The days of redshirting offensive skill players are basically over, except for maybe at QB and that’s even tenuous. As schools like Georgia, you aren’t getting a scholly as a skill player if you need development.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    I have always thought the redshirt players should be allowed to play in Bowl Games. They have practiced all year with the team (as a reward), allows for more excitement in meaningless games (so the fans can see what next year might bring), less likely to injure a SR going to the NFL (by replacing him).